Do LED Pole Light Really For More Than Last 5 Years? How?

LED Pole Lights

Within the rising popularity of the LED lighting appliances, you must be heard about energy saving and lighting output of LEDs. The increasing use of LED Pole Lights in commercial and industrial space led them to reduce the lighting cost by up to 75% on a daily basis.

Based on the application of outdoor such as roadways, highways, gardens, tunnels, parking lots, and much more space were using metal halide fixtures and now switched to LED lighting appliances to illuminate their space.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the LED lighting fixture could stay for 5 years, If yes then How?

  • What Features Make Pole Lights Last Longer?
  • What Are The Benefits Of Last Longer Lighting Solution?

Yes!!! LED Pole Lights can easily stay for long-period without high-cost maintenance. The above-mentioned questions would describe how pole lighting fixtures are beneficial and last longer.

What Features Make Pole Lights Last Longer?

Any lighting source can’t be the last longer without any unique features. Here are some of them:

Detection Sensors: This lighting source comes with the two optional sensors: dusk to dawn sensor and motion sensor. Both of the sensors work to save energy consumption and works automatically.

  • Dusk To Dawn Sensor: It is a built-in sensor which works according to surrounding brightness.
  • Motion Sensor: This sensor detects the motion and lightens up space instantly. It also allows for saving energy without compromising any comfort.

  • These two sensors also increase the operational hours of pole lights.

    Thermal Heat Dissipation: Most of the metal halide fixtures get heat-up after the long operational hours whereas LED Pole Lights stays cool after the long working hours. The reason behind is effective thermal management, high modular performance remove heat from the fixture.

    LED Pole Lights

    What Are The Benefits Of Last Longer Lighting Solution?

    As compared with the metal halide lighting fixtures, pole lights come with the variety of color temperatures and 70+ CRI (Color Rendering Index) which illuminate the space high-quality white tint which increases the visibility and shows the true color of the object. Here are many benefits of this fixture mentioned below:

    Lower Energy Bills: As it is already known that LED lighting fixtures are leads to reduce the lighting cost in energy bills because of the premium LED cob chips which don’t consume high wattage to illuminate space. It comes with the dimming feature which let you control the lighting output from 0V to 10V.

    Doesn’t Need To Replace: While selecting the pole light for your space, here are some points which you need to prefer such as lumen output, maintenance cost, and beam angle. These are the features which are benefits and identifies that the fixture would stay for a long period or not. With the 50,000 hour lifespan, this fixture doesn’t need to replace with any other. The high lumen output identifies the power of lighting and a 120-degree beam angle specifies the reach of light.

    At a Glance

    In this article, we have told you that why LED Pole Lights are last longer and how. If you have any question related to LED lighting appliances mention it in the comment section below.

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