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Easy Way To Choose An Ideal Warehouse Lighting

warehouse led lights
warehouse led lights
warehouse led lights
warehouse led lights

While running a warehouse, you need an ideal warehouse lighting that illuminates the whole wide space through the high ceiling. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 15% of workers and employees have been slipped and falling just because of the low visuality.

All warehouses already have lighting fixture to their space but sufficient lighting to space can reduce the chances uncertain accidents. That’s why we’ll show some features that would keep your workers safe throughout the whole day.

  • Directional Lighting Output
  • Color of Light is Important
  • Energy-efficient
  • Additional Devices

LED lighting has been the most popular to illuminate the wide indoor space. In recent time, many warehouses have replaced their current lighting fixtures with the UFO LED High Bay Light.

Directional Lighting Output

You may be not aware of it, but there are some lighting fixtures available on the online market store that illuminate the space in directional light output. Make sure that you consider a fixture with the 120-degree, this kind of fixture doesn’t waste the lighting outcome.

warehouse led lights

Metal halides used 95% of the energy consumption by heating up the fixture and remain 5% used for illuminating the space through light.

Light Color Is Important

Most of the warehouses do have yellowish lighting outcome, that could be a reason for accidents. The light color affects things like clarity which is important for any worker. Always consider the fixture with the variant color temperature such as 4000K and 5700K.

Apart from the light color, there is one more thing which makes light color useless, it’s CRI (Color Rendering Index) higher the rendering index enhances the quality of light also shows the true color of objects.


You can invest in any lighting fixture but why invest blindly in any lighting fixture. First, compare the energy consumption with the UFO LED Light. LED lights operate on low wattage consumption as compared with the metal halides. This fixture would let you save 75% money on costly lighting bills.

Additional Devices

By installing an efficient lighting source for your warehouse space, there are some devices which make them more durable for the operator.

  • Dimmer: - With the dimmer, you can lower the lighting by fluctuating voltage waveform from 10V - 0V, it leads to reduce more energy consumption.
  • Motion Sensor: - It is an optional device that detects the motion and immediately brightens up space. It helps to find the intruder and reduce the risk of accidents.

These are the additional features that make the fixture automatic and more efficient.

Instead of going for random lighting appliances, choose “UFO LED High Bay Light” from online store LEDMyplace we offer certified warehouse LED Lighting solutions with the 5 years warranty period.
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