Essential Tips For Lighting Your Warehouse

Essential Tips For Lighting Your Warehouse

When it comes to selecting an ideal lighting solution for the warehouse or any commercial space, many of the new operators get confused which one to select. Firstly, you need to ensure two things such as safety and productivity. These should be the main goals when choosing to lighten up the warehouse.

Many of the cases have been reported of accidents in the warehouse because of the poor lighting. There are many types of lighting fixtures available in the market such as HID, metal halide, sodium vapor fixtures, and LEDs.

Most of the warehouse spaces switched to LED lighting fixtures. In this article, we will discuss which lighting fixture would be the best for the warehouse and their essential tips.

  • Which Fixture Should Be Used?
  • How Bright It Should Be?

Which Fixture Should Be Used?

There are three options for a warehouse: metal halide, HID and LED. If you are looking for a fixture that operates on low power consumption then UFO LED High Bay Lights would be the energy-efficient choice for you.

It directly replaces the high wattage MH fixture and trims the lighting bills by 75%. With the 50,000 hours lifespan, this fixture doesn’t require high-cost maintenance. The LED lighting fixtures are better than any other MH fixture because of its quality lighting output.

UFO LED High bay lights

How Bright It Should Be?

When talking about the lighting output of UFO LED High Bay Light, after installing this fixture, you realize that there is a huge difference in the illumination.

What feature you should consider?

There are three things you can consider while selecting the fixture such as Lumen, CRI, CCT, and beam angle.

Lumen defines the reach of the lighting, higher the lumen output brighter space would be. The CRI (Color Rendering Index) identifies the quality of the light while getting the high lumen output what would you do when you are getting blurry and gloomy light. With the 80+ CRI lighting, the object shows their real color.


UFO LED High Bay Lights doesn’t get heat-up after the long operational and comes with the dimmable feature which saves money on lighting bills. At LEDMyplace, we have helped many warehouse operators to select their energy-efficient lighting solution for their high-bay space. If you have any query regarding indoor LED Lighting fixture, then mention it in the comment section below.

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