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Everything You Need To Know About LED Wall Packs

led wall pack
led wall pack
led wall pack
led wall pack

Wall packs are typically used to illuminate the outdoor space such as entrances, office complexes, parking lots, warehouses, convenience stores, and building perimeters. They can be mounted on any vertical surface and provide lighting to the area.

They are designed to use indoor and outdoor space but mostly used in the commercial outdoor area. It can easily bear challenging environmental changes. There are four types of LED Wall Packs such as mini, security, rotatable, semi-cut-off, full cut-off, and forward throw LED wall packs.

In this blog, we’ll tell you some important facts about the wall packs that you should keep in mind if you are thinking to purchase have one.

What are the components of LED Wall Packs?

There are some components which make wall pack more efficient and beneficial to use such as:

Wattage: High wattage lighting fixtures used to illuminate the larger space whereas lower wattage wall packs illuminate the small surface area. Wall pack LED lights are available at 20W, 80W and 150W which replaces 75W, 250W, and 350W conventional metal halides. Wattage defines how much energy a lighting fixture consumes.

led wall pack

Color: It is not about the color of a fixture. It meant the color shade of the lighting output. In the LED lighting fixture, when it comes to defining the white shade of fixture it is always measured in Kelvin. The Forward Throw LED Wall Pack comes in the white of day white light (5700K) which illuminates the space exactly the same as natural sunlight.

What would you do when your space has been lightened up with the quality-less light. Make sure that the color rendering index of the wall pack is up to 80, in the light beam of this fixture every subject looks clear and shows the true shade of it.

Motion Sensor: Sensors are the best additional features that detect the motion and instant turn on the light in the dark surroundings.

Ingress Protection Rating: As it is an outdoor lighting fixture, it means that it has to face many environmental challenges. With the IP65 rating, this fixture is suitable for any damp location. The fixture can protect itself against the liquid and solid component.

Housing: With the die-cast aluminum housing, the fixture would be free from rust, corrosion, and external tempering.

Beam Angle: It is mandatory to see the bean angle while choosing the LED wall pack. With the 120-degree light beam, it lightens up the space wider than conventional lighting fixture.

In The End

After reading this blog, you are probably aware of the most important facts about the LED Wall Packs. Now you know, what things to consider before purchasing any wall packs for your space.

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