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Everything You Need to know about Semi-Flush Mount and Flush Mount Lighting!

Everything You Need to know about Semi-Flush Mount and Flush Mount Lighting!
Everything You Need to know about Semi-Flush Mount and Flush Mount Lighting!
Everything You Need to know about Semi-Flush Mount and Flush Mount Lighting!
Everything You Need to know about Semi-Flush Mount and Flush Mount Lighting!


The use of LED flush mount ceiling lights and semi flush mount ceiling lights can be witnessed in almost every indoor space. Whether you look for residential or commercial locations, you will find the use of these ceiling lights almost everywhere. Where the fixed flush mount lighting is bound with some specific styles and designs, the semi flush mount ceiling lights come in a variety of designs and styles that can be antique, retro, modern, contemporary, etcetera.

Moving forward, you will be learning about some of the main aspects of these ceiling lights. These aspects will help you choose between these lights. Most importantly, you will be able to estimate what type of light will go at what particular spot. In addition, there are so many things about these lights that reflect in their lighting performance, including the direction phenomenon, type of shade, type of style you choose, and the type of bulb you are going with. So, to understand these important elements, continue reading the blog.

What is the main difference between flush mount lighting and semi flush mount ceiling lights?

LED flush mount ceiling lights are fixed on the ceilings in such a way that they don’t allow any visible open space between the ceiling and the lighting fixture. With their minimal design and subtle appeal, the lights are basically used for illumination purposes.

Semi-flush mount lights are comparatively hanging fixtures that are fixed on the ceilings, but the fixtures are extended to about 4-8 inches towards the floor. In addition, they are decorative lights that aim to enhance the ambiance with their prominent looks.

Which flush mount lighting goes best in what area?

LED flush mount ceiling lights - These fixed ceiling lights are majorly used for lighting up the indoors with an apt illumination. Bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, offices, hallways, passages, basements, etcetera are some of the major areas that require fixed flush mount lighting type.

Semi flush ceiling lights - Since these are decorative lights, they go best in locations that require beautification. Hallways, entryways, living rooms, receptions, lobbies, salons, restaurants, hotels, bedrooms, dining rooms, etcetera are some popular areas that look scenic with semi-flush mount lights.

How to choose the suitable flush mount lighting type?

Ceiling height

Of course, the ceiling plays a vital role in making a decision. Prior to opting for the suitable flush mount lighting type, you are supposed to evaluate the ceiling’s height first. For example, if you are opting for semi flush mount ceiling lights, you need to make sure that your ceiling is tall so that the lights are mounted at a certain height so that they do not dominate the ambiance. Doing so is necessary because the lower the ceiling’s height, the narrowed the space will look with close-to-ceiling lights.

Area of application

Depending on where the lights are supposed to be placed, the suitability of flush mount 

lighting type changes. For instance, the LED flush mount ceiling lights can look best in the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, office, hotel, reception, and other indoor spaces. However, with semi-flush mount lights, you are bound to locations with tall ceilings like the living room, dining room, hotel lobby, reception, hallway, etcetera.

Illumination effect

The illumination effect plays an integral role in deciding what sort of light will be best for a specific area. For cozy indoors like the bedroom, dining room, living room, kitchen, etcetera, you can count o lights with a mild effect which you get from semi flush mount ceiling lights. On the other hand, for locations like the office, hospital, reception, hallway, lobby, etcetera, focusing on lights with an impactful illumination is a must. For that, you need LED flush mount ceiling lights.

What are some different shapes in flush mount lighting?

Drum shape - These lights contain a cylindrical structure with a hollow center that ensures a bright illumination.

Round - These are typical LED flush mount ceiling lights that are completely packed and fixed with the ceilings.

Square - These lights have an edgy frame set-up, including a shade cover around the bulb.

Bell shape - The bell-shaped flush mount lights contain an elongated shade with a contemporary look.

Dome shape - Dome-shaped lights have a curvy frame around the bulb that basically covers it by simultaneously maintaining a fixed position.

Role of direction in ceiling lights

Ceiling lights like the semi-flush month lights and the LED flush mount ceiling lights are popular ceiling lights. However, each light decided the illumination effect in a certain direction. This somewhere depends on the number of bulbs used in the fixture. For instance, light, like LED flush mount, usually contains a single bulb. This results in a limited illumination effect. Sometimes, the lights can only brighten up in a specific direction if the fixture is installed in a particular focal direction.

On the other hand, the semi flush mount lightings can come in multiple bulb options. Therefore, the placement of bulbs can vary the illumination effect in several directions. If the fixture is installed at the center of the room, then it will spread brightness in all directions. Thus, the more bulbs the fixture will have, the more light coverage there will be. This helps in making the light more ambient, that too, without being biased towards one particular direction.

How do shades impact the lighting effect?

Apart from changing the look of the decor, shades play an important role in deciding the lighting effect of the flush mount lighting. There are several types of shades available, and every shade has its own effect on illumination.

  • Solid shade - They are majorly used in LED flush mount ceiling lights. Their main aim is to disperse the illumination in a downward direction.
  • Glass shade  - For clear and ambient brightness, semi-flush mount lights with glass shades are preferred.
  • Acrylic or fabric shade - These shades are used for creating a cozy yet warm lighting atmosphere.
  • Carved metal shade - Light scatter from the sides of these types of shades as they contain several open gaps.

Why choosing the right bulb is necessary?

Choosing the right bulb is indeed a necessary part when it comes to opting for flush mount lighting. This is because, without the right bulb, the fixture will be unable to create a desired look in the atmosphere.

Lights like LED flush mount ceiling ceilings come with pre-installed LED bulbs, and you don’t seem to have any choice in that part. However, the wattage part is something that you can control. So if you are looking forward to a cozy yet warm effect in your ceiling lights, you can consider opting for lights with lower wattages and color temperatures. On the other hand, if you want the light to be glowing and ambient, then picking lights with high wattage and more color temperatures will be the right thing to do.

Moreover, semi-flush mount lights don’t usually come with already installed bulbs. This is a plus point for people who like to experiment with their indoor lighting. You have the leverage of choosing any type of bulb you like. Whether you want to opt for an incandescent bulb or go for an LED option, you can choose whichever goes best and feels right to you. Moreover, you have to make sure that the bulb you are going with has a suitable wattage and color temperature as it will reflect on the entire ambiance.

LED bulbs - For a better lighting approach!

LED bulbs are undoubtedly the better choice for flush mount lights as they promote illumination with a better approach. In addition, they contain several efficient features that enhance lighting performance as well as promote longevity.

Earlier, conventional bulbs like incandescent bulbs were used in decorative ceiling lights as they used to have that warm appearance. However, filament bulbs lack in terms of longevity and efficiency because they face failure at quite an early stage.

Thus, opting for LEDs is an exquisite decision to make. They come with features that are durable and ideal for improved lighting performance. In addition, the expected lifespan of LED bulbs is 50-70 times more than incandescent bulbs. So, compared to conventional lights, opting for LED bulbs is surely a smart investment.

The bottom line:

In the end, flush mount lighting is quite dynamic in terms of effect and changing the indoor’s atmosphere. Depending on what purpose you are choosing the lights for, the requirement of type changes. The fixed type of lights is majorly used for lighting the space. In comparison, the lights with a lowered stem are used for decorative purposes. However, fixtures with more than 8 inches in length come under pendant lights and chandelier categories.

Furthermore, focusing on every keen point is a must when it comes to comparison and selection between LED flush mount ceiling lights and semi flush mount ceiling lights. One should look for the application area, the lighting effect, the illumination direction, types of shades, shapes of light, and other major elements before finalizing the suitable light type.

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