Features Of LED Wall Pack Lights That Make Everyone Love It

Features Of LED Wall Pack Lights That Make Everyone Love It

It is only in darkness that we happen to appreciate the light. This is not just a phrase but a matter of fact. In out designing pursuits, we often overlook the minute details which add to the beauty of our home, indoor and outdoor. 

Such are LED wall pack lights. These not only provide great lighting for your indoor or outdoor lighting needs, but also serve as a beacon of light in moments of darkness.

Having multiple different uses in both outdoor and indoor areas, these lights ensure that no part of your commercial, residential or industrial complex remains in dark. 

Having amazing features which are hard to ignore, these lights attract the attention of not just your visitors but also of passerby. The beautiful and sleek build of these lights ensure that the pleasantries offered by these fixtures are not limited to the quality of light. 

To understand why people love these wall packs, we must first understand the strength that the LED technology provides to the light. 

Features that make LED Wall Packs a preferred choice

Being the 4th generation of the lighting technology, LEDs offer so many advantages over its predecessors that it would be difficult to understand the difference without devoting an entire section to the subject. 

So, without further delay, let’s have a look at how LEDs have changed the lighting game forever

  • Efficiency:  If one has to pinpoint the single biggest advantage LEDs have over other lighting technologies, it would be its efficiency hands down!

led wall packs

LEDs work in a way that 95% of the electricity that goes into the LED is converted into light with a mere 5% converted into heat. This results in massive savings on utility bills. 

Because of this efficiency, a 100 watts LED wall pack replaces 350 metal halide wall pack.

This efficiency also results in these lights being eco-friendly because less consumption of electricity means less demand on the power grid therefore less emission of greenhouse gases.

  • Long life: LED wall packs go through an exhaustive testing period of 50,000 hours. Like a diamond born out of pressure and heat, LED after this testing period emerge with a life of 5.7 years when used 24 hours per day. 

  • This eliminates the cost of maintenance and replacement resulting in even more savings. 

    • High color rendering index: LEDs have an extremely high color rendering index which measures the accuracy of the colors viewed under the light as compared to daylight. 

    A high CRI means that the color rendered by the light is close to the original. LEDs usually have a CRI above 80. 

  • Available in various color temperatures: LED wall packs come in various color temperatures making them suitable for a variety of different applications. 

  • IP65 rated: SInce these wall packs are an outdoor lighting product, these come with an ingress protection rating of 65 which means that these lights will function flawlessly even in dusty,  moist or wet conditions. 

  • Motion sensor: These wall packs have the capability of detecting motion with a defined radius and turning the light on or off accordingly.

  • Dusk to dawn: Wall packs also come with a photocell which allows the product to turn or off depending upon the availability or unavailability of light.

  • Rebate eligible: Since these wall lights are DLC certified, these stands eligible for the rebate the government provides on LED lighting fixtures.  

  • Now that we have a fair understanding of why LED wall packs are such an impressive product, let us now have a look at various types of wall packs out there.

    Types of wall packs

    Based on the design and uses, there are a number of wall packs that are available. Let us have a detailed look at each of those. 

  • Mini wall pack: These type of wall packs are generally found in walkways, hallways and other such areas. Mini wall packs come in 13, 20 and 26 watts.

  • These wall packs have a beam angle of 110 degrees allowing the light to be spread across a wide area. 

  • Forward throw wall pack: As the name suggests, the beam of this type of wall pack is directed outward in the forward direction. 

  • These too have a beam angle of 110 degrees. Additionally, these wall packs have an aluminium housing to dissipate the heat generated.

    These wall pack find its application on exterior of buildings etc. 

  • Full cut-off wall pack: This type of wall packs are bezel-less lighting fixture which has a wider beam angle than the rest of the wall packs. 

  • Having a beam angle of 120 degrees, these wall packs are ideal for locations where security is paramount.  

  • Semi-cut off wall pack: Semi cut-off wall packs have a thin bezel and these too have a wider beam angle as compared to forward throw or mini wall packs. 

  • Rotatable wall packs: Rotatable wall packs come in two different types. 
    1. Single bar: A single bar rotatable wall pack, as the name suggests, has a single rotatable bar which can be turned to face any direction. This type of wall packs comes in 40 watts.
    2. Double bar: A double bar wall pack has two rotatable bars each of which can be made to face any direction. This type of wall pack is usually found in decorative needs.

    LED wall packs are unique not just in design but also in their use cases. Different types of wall packs offer different advantages and functions. 

    Not just lighting but by also providing a sense of security, these LED wall lights have come a long way from being just a luxurious piece of novelty only affordable by some. 

    In this age where more and more people are becoming aware about the advantages of LED technology, it is hard for anyone who needs outdoor lighting solutions, to look past LED wall packs. 

    Offering unmatched efficiency, long-lasting performance and environmentally friendly experience, more and more people are now waking up to the amazement offered by these LED wall packs.

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