Five Things To Consider When Choosing LED Pole Lights

Five Things To Consider When Choosing LED Pole Lights

Switching to LED lights is a wise decision, as metal halide lighting fixtures are expensive and inefficient too. When it comes to select the lighting fixture of commercial and industrial space, there are always many confusions pop-up in mind. First of all, let us tell you which lighting fixture would be suitable for your outdoor space.

LED Pole Lights, it is the most common lighting solution which illuminates the space with high lumen output. It has been found that many companies are growing as selling the best lighting solution as per their perception but which one to choose.

At LEDMyplace, we have helped may customer to find their ideal lighting solution as per their requirement which fits in their budget.

In this article, we’ll tell you our LED expert’s suggestions while selecting the LED Pole Lights. Here are five things mentioned below to consider:

  • Power Efficiency
  • Life Expectancy
  • Lighting Quality
  • Durability
  • Safety Measures

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Power Efficiency

Pole lights are specifically used for outdoor purposes. Power supply for outdoor lighting fixtures has become critical nowadays because of the voltage fluctuations. With the street lighting fixtures, there is no need to worry about it. This fixture comes with the voltage input of  120V - 277V and 200V - 480V which means any voltage fluctuation wouldn’t affect the lighting appliances.

The main reason behind the manufacturing of LED pole lights is to save energy, that’s why this fixture operates on low energy consumption. It is the direct substitute of high wattage metal halide fixture. If you believe in saving more energy than you must install dimmable pole lights.

Life Expectancy

With the 50,000 hours of lifespan, this fixture left behind the metal halide fixtures. LED lighting fixtures don’t require high maintenance cost, unlike MH fixtures. If you use this fixture for 12 hours per day still this device can stay last up to 5 years.

Light Quality

This is the most considerable thing for pole lights. To identify the quality of light, you must prefer some features such as CCT (Correlated Color Temperature), CRI (Color Rendering Index), and Lumen Output.

  • Color Temperature: It defines the white tint output of the lighting fixture.
  • Rendering Index: This feature is to specify the quality of light, it should be more than 70+.
  • Lumen Output: Lumens indicates the total amount passes through the lighting source. It would be better if you get a fixture which consumes less wattage and offers high lumen output.


The fixture is more durable when it comes with the main feature of thermal heat dissipation. It keeps the fixture cool and doesn’t get heat up after the long operational hours. With the aluminum die-cast housing, leads to casting the combination of light weight and superior strength.

Safety Measurement

As LED Pole Lights are outdoor lighting solution, it must to passes some safety measurement test such as humidity environment, rain test, performance test, and much more. After passes all these tests, the fixture mark with some certifications which is UL and DLC badge. It identifies that the pole light is able to work in any challenging weather conditions. It also comes with the surge protection to save fixture from thunders.

In the End

These are the top five considerable things which are being suggested by our LED experts. If you want to switch your current lighting with any LED pole lights, must keep these things in your mind before making any decision.

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