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Flush Mount Lights Add Beauty to a Simple Ceiling

led flush mount ceiling lights
led flush mount ceiling lights
led flush mount ceiling lights
led flush mount ceiling lights

One cannot pick lights just randomly. If a home is palace size then, one can pick opulent chandeliers or fancy lights, just reverse to it, if it is a matchbox size then nothing like  Flush Mount lights.

Here we aren’t saying LED Flush Mount Ceiling lights are not suitable for big homes. One can definitely pick these lights for jumbo size homes, but he should have a good aesthetic sense. You might be thinking why we are saying this. Our answer is, Flush Mount lights come in many eye-popping designs and each design is a story in itself.

A glimpse of a few fantastic designs

Single Ring

14 inch round nickel dimmable light is sleek and suave. With an ability to deliver 1750 lumen, this light is perfect for homes and offices. Although Flush Mount lights are considered inconspicuous, just opposite to the myth, Single Ring inadvertently draws everyone attention.           

Double Ring

This 14 watts lighting fixture is perfect for an ergonomically designed kitchen. When the sun leaves for its abode, one can switch to Double Ring and other lighting fixtures to add radiance and light. The charm of this light does not end here. One of the biggest advantages of the fixture is, it can be effortlessly dimmed from 10 to 100%.


Nature has always inspired the man. Like this Flush Mount Light reminds you of a Mushroom plant. Yes, a tiny plant that resembles an umbrella. This 12.5 watts light fixture does not consume much of energy, so it is apt for home’s entrance, backyard and office lobby.

Superior Features of Flush Mount Lights

These lights are available in myriad color temperatures, i.e. 3000K, 4000K and 5000K.

Light’s life span is around 50,000 hours.

Flush Mounts come with energy star.

And the last, but not the least, there is a 5-year warranty on every model.


We have mentioned many Flush Mount Lights on our website. In case you are looking for any specific design,  you can post your query.

We promise you will get a reply in the least possible time.  

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