Four Money-Saving Tips On How To Light Up Your Warehouse

Serving as one of the most crucial places in a business, a warehouse is the heart and soul of modern commercial establishments. Thus, lighting up the warehouse takes center stage in all lighting applications. To be efficient and effective, your employees deserve quality lighting which is also super bright.

You would think that such a light would cost a lot of money. That would be true in most cases. Here are five ways in which you can provide quality lighting in your warehouse while not burning a hole through your pocket. 

  • Use LED Warehouse lighting: LED warehouse lighting is highly efficient and eco-friendly. COnverting 95% of the electricity into light, these lights only waste 5% of the electricity as heat. There are two types of LED warehouse lights, UFO LED High Bay lights and Linear LED High Bay Lights

  • These lights are also eco-friendly because these draw less power from the grid and thus contribute less to the carbon-based electricity generation. This, in turn, reduces the carbon footprint of the planet. 

  • Use LED Flood Lights for exteriors: By using LED Flood Lights for lighting up the exterior of your warehouse, you will not only save money inside your warehouse but will also save with your external lighting of the warehouse. 

  • Check wattage equivalent: The higher efficiency of LED lights in comparison to metal halides and HPS lighting enables the LED light to replace much higher wattage metal halide fixture. Thus a 300 watt LED warehouse light can replace a 1000 watt MH fixture. This results in a saving of 75% on your utility bills. 

  • Check for higher IP ratings: Higher IP ratings mean that the fixture can withstand rough weather conditions such as moisture, rain and dust. This increases the life of the fixture thus saving you money on replacements and repairs. 
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