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Got A Question About Your T8 Led Tubes?

t8 led tube lights
t8 led tube lights
t8 led tube lights
t8 led tube lights

Fluorescent tubes were once considered to be a cost-effective and environmentally preferred lighting solution. However, as technology evolved over the last few years, LED lighting has turned the flow in its favor. Despite fluorescent being considered as cost-efficient at one time, T8 LEDs supersedes the pros when comparing the two.

led tubes

Quality of light- LEDs give the option to choose the light in a variety of color temperatures according to an individual’s tolerance to illumination without any flickering issues.

Energy Efficiency – A recent study reveals that the T8 LED tubes are around 30% more efficient than Fluorescent T8 tubes.

Mercury Free - LEDS are mercury free, making them environmentally friendly and free from recycling fees.

Lesser Replacement Issues - Fluorescent lights usually burn out faster whereas LEDs have no such problem as their lifespan is not affected by being turned on or off.

Lifespan- The average life of a T8 Linear Fluorescent Lamp is 30,000 hours, while a T8 LED will last roughly to 50,000 hours. 

Please find below answers to a few most commonly asked questions while upgrading to T8 LED tubes.

single ended and double ended connection

Is it true that a type B tube that bypasses the ballast is a single ended power?

Yes. If your tube is a direct wire T8 LED, it’s a single ended tube,this means you only need to wire one side of the fixtures, one set of sockets, to the power source. The socket on the opposite side is a simple lamp holder to keep the bulb from moving or falling. 

You can truly determine whether your T8 LED tubes are single or double ended by studying the installation instructions. For Single ended tubes you should remove or bypass the ballast and cut the wiring for the sockets on one end of the fixture without connecting them back to the power source.

Do I need non–shunted tombstone for a single-ended power tube?

Yes. In order to operate a direct wired LED T8s, you will require non-shunted tombstones. The difference between a shunted and non-shunted tombstone is how the electrical current flows through the fixture. Ledmyplace also offers hybrid tubes which can either use a type of lamp holder or any single-ended T8 with installation instructions specifically requiring the use of shunted sockets. The type A tubes which are contrary to power tube require the ballast and shunted sockets to operate. 

Will my hybrid tubes need a Ballast to run? 

No. Hybrid LED tubes will work with or without a ballast. Hybrid LEDs can work with shunted or non-shunted sockets as a Single-ended or a Double-ended tube. However, it’s important to highlight that while rewiring the fixture as direct wire, you should replace shunted sockets with non-shunted sockets. After rewiring, your hybrid will now operate as a direct T8 LED tube.

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