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Here’s Why LED Light Bulbs are a Contemporary Bliss!

Here’s Why LED Light Bulbs are a Contemporary Bliss!
Here’s Why LED Light Bulbs are a Contemporary Bliss!
Here’s Why LED Light Bulbs are a Contemporary Bliss!
Here’s Why LED Light Bulbs are a Contemporary Bliss!

Many lighting fixtures can help you save energy while providing the desired lighting. However, among several different types of light bulbs and tube lights, LED lighting fixtures top the list. In comparison with the conventional lighting, LEDs are robust and provide longer lifespan. An LED light bulb of 7-10W can replace a 60W incandescent fixture and provide better illumination in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Light affects your daily life and health. Thus, it is essential to set the right lighting in homes, offices, schools, and streets, etc. Choosing a particular lighting fixture over others will help create the perfect lighting to meet your needs. In comparison with metal halides, incandescents, or CFLs, LED light bulbs convert up to 90-95% input energy into bright light. 

Unlike traditional fixtures, LEDs do not overheat because they won’t lose significant amounts of electrical input in the form of heat. Furthermore, aluminum heat sinking allows these lighting fixtures to stay cool to touch. Since LEDs are known to consume very little energy, you might want to consider them when thinking about replacing conventional lights. 

What makes LED light bulbs the best choice?

LED light bulbs are available in several different wattages, lumen outputs, base types, designs, and styles. So, it is safe to say that there is an LED bulb replacement for every type of traditional lighting fixture, you know. If not, there are plenty of other LED fixtures that can outshine the conventional lights.

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It is in the Lumens and Watts

Most of the light bulbs you buy come with wattage ratings, right! The wattage marked on lighting fixtures denotes the amount of electricity they will consume in an hour. Hence, choosing fixtures that consume less energy per hour of use is a practice that you should follow. Going for light bulbs and tube lights (and other lighting installations) that are sensitive towards energy consumption will help cut down the utility bills. 

On the other hand, Lumens are a measurement of the amount of light any lighting fixture puts out. Thus, more lumens equals brighter lighting, and lower lumen output will lead to poor-quality lighting. Most traditional lighting fixtures will have high wattage ratings and lower lumen output. Hence, they fail to meet the lighting expectations of those who install lighting fixtures in hopes to flush indoor and outdoor areas with bright light.  

A 100W incandescent bulb provides about 1600 lumens. A 16-20W LED can replace the 100W bulb while delivering the same (or better) lumen output. Thus, it will help if you choose an LED light fixture over incandescents or metal halides. 

Does color appearance bother you?

The color appearance of any light fixture depends on the correlated color temperature (CCT) it provides. In general, LED lights offer three or more color appearances. So, one can pick a particular CCT, and it will help create the desired ambiance. For example, choosing an LED light bulb that provides a CCT of 5000K or above will allow you to experience daylight white lighting effect. Since Congress passed the Energy Independence and Security Act, standards for lighting fixture manufacturers and installers have become strict. Most standard 100-, 75-, 60- and 40-watt incandescent bulbs are no longer in production. Although specialty incandescent bulbs will still be available for your chandeliers, it is better to make the shift towards LEDs. 

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LED fixtures such as ambient downlights, strip lights, wall lights, and others offer several color appearances. (other than daylight white!) Hence, these fixtures are suitable for use in specialty lighting projects. Someone who can not get over the warm and comforting ambiance that fills the room when they turn on the incandescent light bulb must know that an LED can provide the same effect. Moreover, an LED light bulb will consume little energy while giving the coziness warm and yellow light. 

In light of facts 

Apart from the energy savings and better lighting that you can experience, many other LED fixture innovations will win your heart. Lighting fixtures that sense motion, lighting conditions, and occupancy are easy to find. Also, LEd lights are available in vivid colors spanning the color wheel. One can experience the bliss of colorful lighting while being sensitive to energy consumption. LED manufacturers also provide voice-enabled light bulbs that respond to verbal commands. However, Knowing everything about LED light bulbs or any other thing will do no good unless you take a step towards experiencing the change. So, before you believe anything that is said or written, shop for some LEDs and decide for yourself! 

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