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High Bay LED lights - Tips To Follow While Shopping For One

high bay led lights
high bay led lights
high bay led lights
high bay led lights

While shopping for high bay LED lights, we had this blur idea of what to select and where it needs to be placed. However, if we don’t evaluate and analyze the crucial aspects of our requirement, we might end up in a compromising situation. So, here we are, talking about the five key tips that one should follow as a shopper of LED warehouse lighting.

Analyze the ceiling height

The first and foremost important tip that you should follow prior to shopping for high bay light fixtures is analyzing the height of the ceiling. If the ceiling is above 15 feet tall, then you should consider placing high bay lighting as they illuminate the premise at a wide-angle. Conversely, if the warehouse ceiling is shorter than 15 feet, you can choose from other warehouse lighting fixtures options.

linear high bay lights

Find suitable lighting fixture

Once you have concluded the ceiling height and your LED warehouse lighting requirements then you should find a suitable high bay lighting. In this, LED lights are more prominently effective than traditional fluorescent lighting. Focusing on certain aspects is essential in a warehouse lighting fixtures scenario, like the type of high bay LED lights you choose, LED warehouse lighting performance, wattage, lumens, etcetera. Therefore, finding a suitable lighting fixture is a must as you don’t want your warehouse lighting fixtures compromising in terms of performance.

Evaluate the lumen output required in the high bay area

To ensure a bright and illuminated warehouse or workspace, you must evaluate the lumen output you need in your high bat LED lights. The more lumens you get, the more illuminated your space be. Although, high bay lighting fixtures are efficiently capable of delivering even illumination from a high angle as their lumen output is impressively sufficient for better visibility.

high bay led

Find alternatives in high bay lights depending on the space

You can indeed find alternatives to your LED warehouse lighting fixtures based on the space and light requirements. You can find high bay lights in the recessed dome, troffer, and mounted alternatives. These high bay LED lights may differ depending on the location's layout.

Place the suitable High Bay LED Lights

Considering the fact that there are plenty of options available for high bay lighting, you should undoubtedly opt for LED fixtures as they are efficient in every aspect. In addition, high bay LED lights will serve you impressively from performance to a longevity perspective. Depending on the location type, the need for high bay LED lights may differ. You can opt for linear or UFO high bay LED lights based on the ceiling.

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