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How are LED Wall Pack Lights Better than Conventional Lights?

LED wall Packs
LED wall Packs
LED wall Packs
LED wall Packs

Building constructor put wall packs lights outside buildings. The basic purpose of these lights is to illuminate buildings and their surroundings. The property owner installs these lights to guard buildings against unsocial elements.

These lights are fit for garage, tunnel, and walkway. Initially, sodium vapor wall pack lights were in vogue, nowadays LED Wall Pack lights are in trend. There is no doubt LED technology has surpassed the capabilities of conventional lighting. How these lights stand out amid other lighting fixture, check here.

LED Wall Pack Lights are more durable

LED wall pack light lifespan is far more than conventional bulbs. This also means, when you mount wall pack light, then you do not have to go for more replacements and changes. There is no need to elucidate, fewer replacements also mean good saving.

LED wall pack lights have better brightness

LED wall pack lights score better in a head-to-head comparison with conventional lighting. When we install a conventional fixture, we find there is a good loss of heat, whereas when we pick wall pack lights the loss of heat is almost negligible.   

Conventional light spreads its beam in all directions

Metal halide fixture spreads light in all directions. That means a lot of light is wasted pointing the ceiling. When one picks LED Wall Pack lights, there is no such problem, as these lights focus on a particular angle.

LED wall pack lights perform better in all three fronts

  • CRI of light talks about light’s true color,
  • CCT defines light’s glow
  • Footcandle tells the amount of light reaches the surface.

Needless to say, LED wall pack lights perform exceptionally well on all three fronts.          


If you are a building constructor and planning to install wall pack light outside newly constructed society, then for better suggestion and insight, do not go anywhere, just visit

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