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How Do Lamp Post Light Installations Work?

When it comes to security lighting fixtures, Outdoor LED Pole Lights are an indispensable product line. They are popular among large and small business owners, homeowners, contractors, and facility managers who look after the lighting-design of an outdoor location. 

Over the years, thewidespread use of modern-day LED yard lights, LED post-Top Lights, and LED Solar street lights has helped reduce the number of non-LED street lighting fixtures.With every day passing, nations all around the world are making the shift towards LED lighting fixtures. The reason is simple: LED Street and security lighting fixtures are better than the conventional designs!

However, to install an LED outdoor lighting fixture or replace existing ones with outdoor LED light heads, one must be well aware of the minor details involved in the process. Although installing outdoor pole lights seems like a 'piece of cake,' making small mistakes can have a massive impact on an outdoor location's lighting design. 

Why Should One Care About The Details Of Outdoor Lighting?

Mount the LED light on a lamp post that's too high, and it will fail to provide excellent local lighting. Choose a light bulb that offers fewer lumens per watt, and the lighting condition will be miserable. Installing an outdoor light on an unsuitable lamp post too will not help. Also, selecting the wrong type of outdoor LED light will not be fruitful for an outdoor lighting project. 

Therefore, one should pay attention to the mounting height, the luminous flux of the light, and the LED light style. 

What Is The Ideal Height For Installing Outdoor LED Pole Lights?

The height of a lamp post has a lot to do with the lighting quality in an outdoor space. Cutting a pole unnecessarily decreases the lighting design's effectiveness. Therefore, it is always better to install a lamp post according to the outdoor space's lighting design. 

Lamp posts are available in a range of 16 to 39 feet. So, it should not be hard to find the right poles by your lighting design. However, if you need custom lamp posts, it is quite possible to find a custom-pole manufacturer.

Lamp-post height for LED Security Light Installation: When mounting an LED flood light, ensure that the mounting height should be half the area that needs illumination.

Example: If the area that needs lighting measures 40 feet, the pole should measure 20 feet. 

Even so, a Photometric lighting plan is the best way to determine the lighting fixture's exact mounting height (or the lamp post's height). A photometric lighting analysis is a fool-proof way to view a lighting solution proposal in an outdoor area. 

Performing a photometric analysis will allow you to determine the exact foot candle (lux) measurements, lighting fixture positioning, and lighting design details. It will help figure the average foot-candle requirement ina given space. If you do not want to take professional help, using a simple light meter or light meter app on your smartphone will be fine. The light meter will allow you to understand if the existing lights are sufficient or not.

led pole lights

How much should the vertical spacing be between two lamp posts?

On average, the spacing between two successive LED security lights should be four times the mounting height. Therefore, if you install an LED pole light at the height of 20 feet above the grind, there should be 80 feet between the poles. Nonetheless, the distance between the two poles also depends on the luminosity of the chosen lights. 

Which Outdoor LED lights should you choose?

If your goal is to provide an outdoor area with flicker-free and enjoyable local lighting, consider installing LED flood light fixtures. However, if you are planning to revamp the landscaping, there are several other possibilities. You can explore our collection of Outdoor lighting fixtures to find spotlights, deck lights, and garden lights, among others. 

What Type of Lamp Post will you need?

When considering an existing lamp post, you have to find a LED security light that offers a compatible mount design. Depending on the pole type, you will have to look for a direct mount, adjustable mount, or a slip-fitter mount LED pole light. Albeit, choosing a LED security light that comes with a universal mount is the end-of-all option you've got.

Furthermore, the lamp-post itself should be resilient enough to withstand the outdoor environment. Always pick rust and corrosion-resistant lamp posts. The most common lamp post materials are cement, cast iron, aluminum alloy, and stainless steel. If the traditional materials are not an option you want to pick, look for resin lamp posts, as they are gaining popularity. 

Choose wisely, Live Well!

A successful outdoor lighting project requires an excellent lighting design, premium-quality outdoor LED lights, an experienced installer, and patience. Choosing the right lighting fixtures performing a pre-installation analysis is a significant step in the outdoor pole installation process. Thus, always make sure to get the right lights or seek help from lighting professionals. Here, at LEDMyplace, we are happy to help you with any queries about LED lighting fixtures. So, if you have any questions, please send us a mail at

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