How Does Lumen Affect UFO LED High Bay Light Performance?

UFO LED High bay Lights

LED lighting fixtures are rapidly taking over the market for artificial illumination for a variety of manufacturing, industrial, and commercial space. But when it comes to buying lighting fixtures for commercial space such as the warehouse.

In the past, you installed some lighting fixtures based on how much energy (Wattage) they consume. Well, it does make sense if you want to save energy but what if your fixtures consume high-energy and don’t lighten your space as you want.

What to do?

Instead of wattage look for the lumen output of the lighting. UFO LED High Bay Light offers a higher lumen output at low energy consumption.

In this article, we’ll tell you how does lumen affect the brightness of the LED lighting fixture.

  • What is the lumen?
  • Why to consider lumen over wattage?
  • What to consider when buying a lighting fixture?

What Is The Lumen?

Lumen measures the total amount of visible light from a light source. Higher the lumen output you would choose, brighter the light you will receive. The lumen is a measure of the power of light.

Make sure that you select the fixture with the higher lumen output at low wattage. Why?

Why To Consider Lumen Over Wattage?

By using high wattage metal halide lighting fixture leads to emits the poor lighting output. With a UFO LED High Bay Light, we offer brighter light at low energy consumption. For example, 150W LED UFO High Bay Light is a substitute of 400W metal halide and provide 20000+ lumen output.

UFO LED High Bay Lights

Why Recommend LED Over Metal Halide?

The below-mentioned table will explain why do need to choose LED lighting fixture instead of metal halide fixtures.

Metal Halide (Wattage)

LED (Wattage)

Lumen Output













It is clearly mentioned in the table that the energy consumption of the metal halide fixture is 3 times higher than the LED lighting fixture. The MH fixtures are available at a low price but they create many problems such as eye-strain, headache, high-cost energy bills, and much more.

What To Consider When Buying Lighting Fixture?

It is very easy to lighten up the small space but it becomes challenging when it comes to wide space. As you already know why lumen output is so important for a lighting fixture but here are few more things to must check such as energy consumption, light quality, and rating and certifications.

Power Consumption: It states the power consumption of the fixture. Basically, the energy consumption of any electrical appliances measured in wattage. Lower the wattage, lower the energy will be consumed.

Light Quality: Apart from the lumens, there are two more things which introduce the lighting in a different manner such as CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) and CRI (Color Rendering Index). The color temperature defines the shade of lighting and rendering index defines the quality. With the 80+ CRI, LED lighting fixture comes with the shade of natural light and day light.

If you want an ideal lighting solution for industrial and wide space UL and DLC listed lighting appliances are the perfect fixture which comes with the IP65 rating fixture that protects the fixture from water and dust and can be installed at the damp locations.

In the end

As we have already mentioned that why lumen output is a most considerable feature in lighting fixture and how it affects the brightness of the fixture. Comment down below your warehouse measurement and we will tell you which wattage UFO LED High Bay Light would be perfect your space.

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