How Efficient Is the LED Panel? Nobody Really Knows.

led panel light

Have you ever wonder, Why people love LED lights?

According to the, “The market value of LED lighting has continuously expanded in the past few years with the progress of the technology. As per the latest report, the market scale of LEDs has reached to $33.3 billion in 2019 till now.”

The sales and the demand for LED lighting products, the main reason behind this much high demand is its efficiency. Most of the indoor area has installed LED Panels to enlighten up their space. In this article section, we’ll tell you how LED Panels are so efficient and would clear some most common queries about the fixture.

LED & Efficiency

As compared with the fluorescent tubes, the panel lights are energy-efficient and brighten up space without lightening up the unnecessary location. They consume lesser energy and trim 75% from the lighting bills. Apart from the efficiency it also comes with the longer lifespan with low maintenance.


Let us clear out the most common queries about the LED panel lights.

QUES 1: Do LED Panel Really Saves Money?

ANS: While looking for an energy-efficient lighting fixture, the LED flat panel light comes with the dimmer that allows you to control the lighting outcome by fluctuating the voltage waveform from 0V - 10V.

Switching fluorescent lights with the LED panel light could be a beneficial investment. The reason behind is that the fluorescent fixture converts 95% of the energy intake into heat and remain turns to light.

QUES 2: Is It Safe To Leave a LED Light ON All Night?

ANS: This is one of the most commonly asked questions on our list. Well, turning on the lights all over the night is totally fine. LEDs are not like fluorescent tubes that turn hot or consumes the huge amount of energy. No need to worry about the fixture and the lighting bills.

QUES 3: Does LED Panels Really Reduce Lighting Bills?

ANS: The answer is big YES!!!, By using LED lighting fixture to the indoor space could lead you reduces the energy consumption that directly affects the lighting bills in a good way. As compares with the traditional lighting appliances, the energy consumption of panel lights is lesser than the other one.


By comparing the efficiency level of LED with the fluorescent tubes, LED has won the race. Not only the efficiency but also they certified lighting appliance. These fixtures are ideal for any kind of indoor space that has a grid ceiling.

Don’t put extra efforts to save energy, just replace the fixture.

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