How Have LED Tubes Become Popular As An Indoor Light?

The lighting industry has come with the energy-efficient lighting appliances which are the replacement of the fluorescent and standard tubes. LED Tubes emit a blue light wave which makes us more focused, alert, active, and awake. Fluorescent tube lighting source doesn’t emit the blue lighting waves which make you lazy, relaxed, drowsy, and ready to sleep.

The misconception has ruined most of the people’s mindset that high wattage consumption leads to brighter light which is totally wrong. There is no connection between wattage and lighting. Lumens are directly connected with the lighting output “High lumen output leads to the brighter lighting”

You must have seen the growth of the LED Tube Lights, it is rapidly growing and every time come with some advanced lighting technology which makes it more sufficient and brighter for indoor space.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the LED tubes that why are becoming popular as indoor lighting appliances.

  • What Are The  Advantages LED Tubes?
  • How To Select The Right LED Tubes For Your Space?

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    What Are The Advantages LED Tubes?

    Imagine the amount of energy you could save by just taking one step towards LED tubes. This lighting fixture comes with 5 years of warranty and 30 days of return policy. In case, if you don’t like the product you can return it too. But there are zero chances of doing it because of the attractive advantages of this tube light. Here, we have mentioned some of them below:

  • Cost Effective: Unlike fluorescent tubes, LED Tubes slightly effects your budget, but it is a one-time investment. After investing with this lighting fixture, you can reduce lighting cost and leads you to save 75% money on energy bills.

  • Wattage Utilization: Here is another advantage which definitely blows your mind, its wattage usage, this tube consumes one-third wattage than fluorescent tube does. Low wattage consumption directly trims lighting bills and offers a high lumen output.

  • Last Long: Usually the fluorescent tubes come with the 15,000 hours of lifespan which was an advantage but after the LED tube manufactured, fluorescent’s lifespan wasn't enough when people are getting 50,000 hours of operational life.

  • Safe Lighting Fixture: This tube is UL and DLC certified which identifies that the fixture is safe to use. UL certification shows that the fixture wouldn’t catch fire and short circuit while operating whereas DLC mark provides the surety of excellent performance.

  • How To Select The Right LED Tubes For Your Space?


    Brightness Level

    Suggested Color Temperature


    1500 to 4000 lumens

    4000 - 5000K

    Home & Office

    3000 to 6000 lumens

    4000 - 5000K

    Living Room

    1500 to 3000 lumens

    5000 - 5700K

    Dining Room

    3000 to 6000 lumens

    4000 - 5700K


    5000 to 6000 lumens

    5700 - 6000K


    4000 to 6000 lumens

    4000 - 5000K


    Nowadays people are looking for an alternative lighting fixture which helps them to save energy that’s why LED Tubes have become popular as an indoor lighting solution. They are faster, reliable, energy-efficient, brighter, and long-lasting than fluorescent tubes.

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