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How LED Lighting Can Make Festivals Cost-Effective

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led light bulbs

If energy efficiency could translate into a physical form, the closest thing to it would have been the LED light. 

LED lights convert 95% of the electricity into light, and only 5% of it gets converted into heat. 

Greater energy efficiency also translates to great energy savings as well. LED lights are great choices for festive lighting for their energy efficiency and durability. These lights can save up to 75% of the electricity bills as well. 

The use of LED lights has increased over the years in all the continents and countries. 

The city of Duluth shares its electricity budget of Bentleyville's festival that has reduced over the years by the use of LED lights. The annual festival of lights on Duluth's lakefront has become a venerable holiday tradition in the Twin Port.

Since the year 2016, Duluth's city council has taken over the electricity bill of this festival to keep the spirit of its tradition alive. Before 2016, Bentleyville had to pay an amount of $ 5,000, and the rest was taken care of by the city. 

Bentleyville festival budget is also sponsored by Anna Tanski, president and CEO of Visit Duluth. She says in an interview that it is an excellent investment in terms of the magnitude of this event. 

According to Kate Van Daele, Duluth's public information officer, the city paid $10,000 for the electricity bill last year. She further states that the city of Duluth sponsors for this festival. The estimated budget sees a fall from about $12,000 in earlier years, and the cost drops further when Bentleyville switches to LED bulbs.  

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Eco-friendly and Energy-efficient LED lights 

LED lights consume less electricity compared to other conventional lighting technology. 9 watt LED Bulbs to produce an equal amount of light, as does a 60W fluorescent one. This results in a stark reduction in the electricity bill by 75%.

The LED technology adopted an eco-friendly method to manufacture its products, reducing the use of carbon-based electricity. This helps in decreasing the emission of greenhouse gases, making it an environment-friendly lighting device.

LED lights consume much less electricity in comparison to other technology leading to lesser heat generation keeping the environment cool. 

Keep the spirit of your culture and tradition alive by switching to LED lights. Bentleyville festival teaches us how to contribute your budget in other joyous elements of the celebration by utilizing LED light benefits.

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