How LED Panel Lights Can Help College Students Learn Faster?

led panel lights

There have been several studies exemplifying the use of dynamic lighting in aiding the performance of students in both classroom or online based education. Researchers say -- the light source emitting light beam at certain Kelvin temperatures can help students undertake reading with greater focus, attention, and interest. To mention those lights, one can never fail to mention the light fixtures that are latest-in-trend -- LED panel lights -- because of the versatile applications these can be used for. These panel lights being available in edge-lit design and direct or back-lit design can to a great deal affect both our physical and mental condition. At the same time, these panels can conveniently displace the traditional fluorescent lights to bring higher energy-savings, lower maintenance and replacement costs to colleges.    

In this blog, you will get introduced to the various benefits LED panel lights can bring to you.

The Effect of CCT

The past records are enough proof of what panel lights available in Correlated Color Temperatures can do. With LED panel lights coming in 4000K, 5000 and 6500K, each of these light colors can help bring a change in the learning ability or mood lifting. How? The lights in 4000K mean natural or neutral white color when light beam appears white in color with little yellow hues -- such light color is great for creating a warm, cozy and relaxing ambience. The LED panel lights thus can be utilized for recess activities during college hours. The 5000K means partially neutral white and partially daywhite -- this could make to light reading activities being undertaken by students. The light beam in 6500K (cool white light) has been shown to encourage intense reading activity, listening and grasping. Thus, LED panel lights in 6500K can be of great use for students who want to increase alertness and score higher on academic tests.              

led panel lights

Flicker-Free Lighting

While the traditional light fixtures such as fluorescent lights had little or no resemblance to natural light, those lights also flicker when turned On. Since, fluorescent lights worked on ballast and starter, the light could not be emitted as consistently as you get from LED based lights. The LED panel lights mimicking sunlight or sky-like natural light when available in 5000K and 6500K respectively and being flicker-free can promote meditative learning. The fluorescent lights by contrast have shown to cause disruptions at study or work. Though you will come across fluorescent lights today that are improved versions of yesterday’s fluorescents, yet these are not a safer bet because of a shorter lifespan than LED-based panel lights.               

Healthy Lighting

Unlike fluorescents, LED panel lights are free from any harmful radiation such as UV or IR rays in their light beam and hence completely safe for human body. The fluorescent lights have shown to cause eye strain and headaches and as a result of which an increased absenteeism of students in schools and colleges. The light beam emitted by LED panel lights also free from glare -- a feature which is a must for better vision. The light beam resembling daylight has shown to generate Vitamin D and promote circadian rhythm in human beings. Thus, one can feel reduced depression, enhanced mental and physical activity.  


Other than the features mentioned above, the school and college owners must pay attention to the fact that LED panel lights do not just provide for healthy learning, but are a great source of sustainable lighting being eco-friendly.

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