How many LED Parking Lot Lights are sufficient for an illuminated premise?

How many LED Parking Lot Lights are sufficient for an illuminated premise?


A parking lot is a common location where proper lighting and visibility are necessary. LED parking lot lights are one of the best in creating a safe work environment by clearing the darkness. Along with darkness, the risk of any hazards will also be eliminated through proper lighting that you would easily find by replacing your traditional lighting fixture with LED lighting technology. Furthermore, a well-lit parking lot may decrease the chances of any criminal activity and accidents as well. The importance of adequate lighting in the parking lot will be understandable after looking at dark outdoor comprehensive places at night. In this blog, you will get to know the quantity of LED parking lot lights to illuminate your parking lot full.

Determine the footcandles and lighting uniformity

Footcandles are the measurement unit of light intensity. In simple terms, it defines the ability of a light source to provide brightness to the surface one square foot away from it. The amount of light falling on a square foot area is equal to one lumen per square foot from a light source. So, if you are going to choose a lighting fixture for your parking lot, you need to measure how many footcandles are appropriate to illuminate properly. When it comes to high activity areas, 5-footcandles are considered standard lighting. But, the same place will look more appealing with a high level of footcandles.

The lighting uniformity can be defined as the ratio of maximum-to-minimum illumination levels. Basically, the lighting uniformity expresses the human perception of overall illumination distributed in the place. Since the LED technology arrived to manage the illumination of large outdoor places, the uniformity of lighting has become excellent. Therefore, the lighting uniformity is a major consideration that your LED parking lot lights need to provide perfect visibility.

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Choosing a lighting fixture according to the pole height

Generally, LED parking lot lights are pole top lights, or they can be mounted on the poles. A perfectly illuminated parking lot needs to determine the perfect mounting height, pole placement, number of lights, and beam angle of your lighting fixture. The determination of parking lot lights will differ according to the size of the parking lot and the height of the pole. Now, you have to focus on the lighting fixture that can produce optimum illumination in your parking lot from different heights. If the area of your parking lot is large, you need to install taller poles. Otherwise, the below-given description will explain you in-depth.

LED parking lot lights with a 15ft high pole

It is the most common lighting pattern used to illuminate large outdoor places. A 15ft pole used 2-4 light heads per pole to cover a large area for brightening up. From the height of a pole with this light pattern, the coverage area on the ground will approximately flare the brightness to 15ft on each side and forward. After you decide on the mounting height of your lighting fixture, you need to confirm the spacing between them. Here are some spacing set-ups with a 15-foot pole provided for better understanding. 

  • Standard lighting with 60ft spacing: In terms of utility, LED parking lot lights are energy-efficient and provide sufficient lighting by consuming low electricity. The standard lighting in your parking lot can be flared by the set-up of LED 150W parking lot lights with a spacing of 60ft. With this setup, you will not get optimal visibility but enough brightness with 21,000 lumens output.
  • Bright lighting with 40ft spacing: It is simple to understand that reducing the spacing between LED 150W parking lot lights from 60ft to 40ft will provide better lighting coverage and excellent brightness. Along with this, your place will look more appealing and free from blind spots.

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LED parking lot lights with 20ft pole height

The 20ft pole height is ideal for medium to large parking lots in size. Each pole is fixed with 2-4 lighting fixtures to illuminate the entire area with sufficient brightness. Some spacing set-ups of LED parking lot lights with 20ft pole height are mentioned below.

  • Standard lighting with 60ft spacing: The 20ft pole height with 2-4 lighting fixtures with 60ft spacing will provide the standard illumination in your area. An LED 300W parking lot light is appropriate to produce 42,000 lumens output to increase the visibility in your place.
  • Bright lighting with 40ft spacing: The number of lumens will not reduce when reducing the spacing between the pole placement. It clearly states that the brightness in your place will be increased at a genuine rate to provide optimal visibility. 


The most fundamental terms through which you will easily understand how many LED Parking Lot Lights are needed for better illumination. First of all, you need to decide on the footcandles and lighting uniformity. After that, the pole height will make you create a perfect set-up of lighting fixtures that can fulfill your lighting needs. So, choose the lighting fixture that easily illuminates your place with the best results.

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