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How To Choose Outdoor LED Solar Lights?

How To Use LED Solar Lights
How To Use LED Solar Lights
How To Use LED Solar Lights
How To Use LED Solar Lights

Using a solar lighting fixture can be a lifesaver. The solar light fixtures have become a famous source to save energy. The industrial sectors are likely to install solar lighting fixtures which lead them to 100% money on the lighting bills.

There are a lot more reasons why you need to consider Outdoor LED Solar Lights over any other lighting products.

Before jump onto the topic let us tell you how LED Solar Light works.

With the photovoltaic cells, they absorb sunlight during the day to charge the lithium batteries and illuminate the space at night. It is mandatory that the solar panels are placed in a space where they receive full sunlight for eight hours.

LED Solar light



If the fixture isn’t getting the sunlight due to weather conditions then it’s battery has a back up for 3 days.

In this article post, we’ll tell you how to choose outdoor solar street lights for your space.

While looking for a lighting solution for outdoor space, most of the people consider LED lighting fixtures which are a good choice but to get rid of lighting bills “solar lighting fixtures” are best.

By investing once you can save for up to ten years.

Before making any decision make sure that the solar lighting fixture comes with the 1000 life cycles of lithium battery. Make sure that the lighting fixture would be able to perform well when you require. With the instant operation, solar outdoor light fixture illuminates the whole space with the day white light shade along with that it offers 80+ color rendering index.

Which Features Make A Solar Light Appliance Best?

Every lighting fixture has its own essential feature which makes them different from others.

LED Solar light Inbuilt Surge Protection

Inbuilt Surge Protection: As this is an outdoor lighting fixture then they will going to face various kinds of weather conditions. With surge protection, the LED Solar Street Light can protect itself from lightning strikes and bad weather conditions.

Beam Angle: With the 140-degree dispersion angle, the fixture lightens up the wide space as compared with the other lighting product. By using wide beam angle lighting fixture you need to install a few fixtures and brighten the whole wide space.

LED Solar Light Beam angle

IP67 rated: Before making any decision, it is mandatory to choose the IP67 rated product which protects the fixture from water and dust ingression. This feature enhances the lifespan and makes the fixture durable.

These are the features that make outdoor solar street light different from other lighting products.

While coming to any decision make sure to check all these features. Make your outdoor attractive without paying lighting bills.

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