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How To Decide If LED Pole Lights Are Ideal For Parking Lot Lighting?

LED Pole Lights
LED Pole Lights
LED Pole Lights
LED Pole Lights

Needless to say, LED pole lights stand to be the most popular lighting options today for not just the street-lighting but parking lot lighting too outside of any industrial or commercial building. And, the reason is simple. The LED pole lights can illuminate your parking lots in a much better way than the conventional pole lights (mostly metal-halides but sometimes sodium-potassium lamps too) to make you live more safer and comfortable. And also that, a safer and well-lit parking lots generate first impression on your visitors, clients and new workers. Also, the long run energy-savings compensates for your initial investment in these pole lights.

Despite the above information on LED pole lights, the industrial and commercial users have a muddled view of what kind of LED pole lights would exactly fit their application. For this reason, I on behalf of LEDMyPlace (the leading online seller of LED pole lights) have prepared a short list of what you will need to know before your mind firmly insists on purchasing LED pole lights for your parking lots.

LED Pole Lights -- Things You Need To Consider   

The Quality of Light Output

When checking for suitability of LED pole lights, it’s important for you to check not just the lumen efficacy (which is obtained by dividing the total number of lumens by power consumption) but the optics. Not all LED pole lights available in the market come with lens designed in polycarbonate for better elimination of dark spots, light uniformity, application efficacy, and high impact-resistance. This design alone provides greater longevity to LED pole lights.

LED Pole Lights


The IP65 rating of the driver is important since LED pole light fixtures are then protected against solid objects (dust, sand, dirt etc.) and also water. With regions facing extreme snow and rainfall, it’s important that you get a fixture with an IP65 or IP64 rating. Also, the ability to withstand extreme temperatures (cold or hot) is very important. For accuracy, note down your winter’s coldest month and summer’s hottest month and then get LED pole lights that can withstand the extremes.             

Installation Options

One of the biggest problems that users face is installation of LED pole lights because of difficult mounting options these luminaires come with. You must look for LED pole lights that can offer an easy mounting option and different options for you to achieve different light distribution patterns. The pole lights that can allow you to mount by slipfitting, direct, yoke and all of these are probably the best kind of LED pole lights and so that these can be mounted on any kind poles - round, square, steel, aluminium or composite poles.        

Light Controllers

If LED pole lights cannot be controlled through sensors such as dimmers, motion sensors or photocell, these cannot be triggered automatically and this means you will be wasting a lot of energy if letting these parking lots lights On for long number of hours. For both savings in energy and a change in ambience, it’s essential that these can also be dimmed as there will be times when you will need less lights depending on less number of people in the parking lots or the surrounding level of brightness. LED pole lights by good manufacturers will come with a dimmable option that can be dimmed from 0-10V.  


The above list is the pointers to choosing the right kind of LED pole lights. There can be more such as the use of 5G internet technology to manage your drivers in parking lots more efficiently. For questions on particular kind of LED pole light, do give a call at the customer care number provided on LEDMyPlace website.  

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