How to Dim LED High Bay Lights?

High bay LED lights


High bay LED lights are exquisite lighting used to illuminate comprehensive commercial locations. They are commonly used in warehouses, workshops, factories, airports, departmental stores, and other high bay locations. The illumination of these high bay lights is ideal for creating a suitable working environment. The LED lights enhance visibility to make the working station, objects, and other elements properly visible.

If we see the conventional high bay lighting fixtures, they were way too bright and consumed quite much energy. But, with the introduction of LED lights, the lighting industry has completely revolutionized. The excellent features of LED lights make them an efficient choice to consider. Simultaneously, they are ideal for both residential and commercial purposes.

The lights are useful and durable in the high bay LED lights scenario. Several features make the light worth investing in. First, you can control the light’s brightness with a dimmable feature. We will discuss how to dim high bay LED lights.

Typically, you were supposed to restrict or reduce the power supply to dim down the high bay light’s performance. But, this does not go with high bay LED lights. Instead of AC, LED fixtures require DC. Therefore, a signal-based dimming is required for LED high bay lights, known as 0-10V dimming.

The 0-10V dimming indicates several levels and illumination dispersing percentage of the LED high bay lights. Here, 0 indicates 0% light, i.e., an off state. Moving forward, you can adjust the brightness level from 1% to 100% via the 1-10V dimming signal.

Moreover, the dimming feature offers several benefits such as better visibility, control over brightness, lowering power consumption, etcetera. For example, you can dim the brightness of high bay LED lights with the 0-10V dimming feature and control its brightness level. Connect the wire of a  LED dimmer switch with the particular high bay fixture to manage the illumination by reducing the brightness percentage from 100% to lowering it down to 10% or turning it off to 0%. 

3-Steps dimming for high bay LED lights

  • Connect the high bay LED lights with the dimming switch by joining the wires.
  • Use the switch like a typical one to on-off the light.
  • Change the 0-10V dimmer to high or the light’s brightness.

Some popular questions on dimming LED high bay lights

  • What is 0-10V dimming?
What is 0-10V dimming?
A signal system that is used to control the lighting performance of the fixture is termed 0-10V dimming. It sends a signal to the LED driver to maximize or minimize the power from 0 to 10 volts. Setting 0 volt will turn the light off. Similarly, heading towards 10 volts will maximize its brightness. A driver makes the process smooth. 
  • What is the difference between 0-10V and 1-10V dimming?
What is the difference between 0-10V and 1-10V dimming?
    0-10V dimming was the conventional method to dim down the lights where you can just dim down the fixture from 100% brightness to turning it off at 0 volts. However, the system was considered risky because you turned down the lights without actually switching it off. So, it was somewhere raising safety concerns. On the other hand, the 1-10V dimming feature is quite reliable because it does not go completely off the fixture. It just dims it down to a 1% brightness level. Thus, the installation and processing of both methods are the same. However, just the lifespan of the fixture is increased.
    • Is it better than a regular dimming system?
    Is it better than a regular dimming system?

      Low voltage dimming is efficient as it is considered safer and more effective than a regular dimming system. In regular dimmers, the system contained hard wire and a small transformer to restrict the power to dim the fixture. This resulted in tampering with the light’s performance. Moreover, the idea of setting regular dimming systems with high bay lights was lacking in high bay locations because they usually maxed out at 100 Watts. Thus, it was not a good option for comprehensive locations. On the other hand, the 0-10V dimming system can appropriately work on high wattage LED high bay lights with a single switch. Therefore, it is easily possible to light up multiple 100 Watt high bay LED lights by controlling them with a single switch.

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