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How to Direct-Wire a Single-Ended T8 LED Bulbs?

t8 led tube lights
t8 led tube lights
t8 led tube lights
t8 led tube lights

There are two types of LED tube lighting fixtures: ‘plug and play’ (also known as ‘direct-fit’) and Direct-wire.

The catch with single-ended T8 LED bulbs is: You can direct-wire a ‘plug and play’ light but not vice-versa.

Before you start reading the process, know that the single-ended tubes are different from double-ended ones. The difference lies in the way the tubes receive power. Single-ended T8 LED bulbs receive power from one end, which means you’ll have to connect both live and neutral wires with a single end. 

If you are looking for information about direct-wiring a double-ended tube, read this guide.

Also, there are several kinds of LED tubes. Albeit, we will use  T8 LED tube light fixtures as a reference point for this direct-wiring guide.

Here’s a detailed description of direct-wiring a ‘single-ended’ T8 LED bulb:

  • Turn off the mains power before attempting the direct-wiring procedure.
  • Ensure that the lamp you receive is a single-ended lamp. 
  • Preparing The Fixture:

    The first step is to check whether the tombstone is shunted or non-shunted.

    Shunted and Non-Shunted tombstones
    • Our single-ended T8 tubes need a non-shunted tombstone, and the sockets for electronic ballast fluorescent tube lights are shunted. 
    • Therefore, if you wish to replace the fixture with a shunted tombstone, you’ll have to replace it with a non-shunted one. 
    • Now, check if the existing fluorescent bulb uses a magnetic or an electric ballast.

    If your tube has a magnetic ballast: 

    Remove the tube and expose the accessories (starter and ballast)

    Take off the traditional starter. Following, free the ballast by making a close cut on the wires. 

    Removing The Starter From A Fluorescent Tube

    If the tube you want to replace has an electronic ballast:

    Bulbs with an electronic ballast do not require a starter. 

    Remove the ballast, and you will be ready to move on to making the electrical connections.

    Removing The Ballast From Fluorescent Tube (Ballast Bypass)

    Making Electrical Connections

    NOTE: Single-ended LED Tubes take input energy from one side. However, there are pins on both sides of the tube. The pins on the ‘non-energized’ side help in securing the LED tubes.
    Powered Side Of A Single-Ended LED Bulb
    • Connect the hot (RED, BLACK, OR BLUE) and neutral (WHITE) wires to the tombstone wires.
    • Use wire nuts or push-in connectors to secure the electrical connections.
    • When direct-wiring a single T8 LED tube, you will have to make a series connection. Take help from the following diagram: 
    wiring diagram for single ended t8 led tubes
    • For direct-wiring two or more T8 LED tubes, go with a parallel connection. Connecting the tubes in parallel will ensure that each tube is independent of the others. Meaning that any fault in one of the lights will not affect the others. Follow the upcoming diagram for making a parallel connection:
    wiring diagram for multiple single ended t8 led tubes

    Checking The T8 Bulb 

    • Once the fixture connections are complete, install the T8 LED tube and secure it in place.
    • Turn on the mains power supply.
    • Switch on the tube light and check if it is working smoothly. Note that the light bulb should not flicker.  
    There you have it! We hope this guide helps you pull off the direct-wiring like a professional. If you have any questions relating to single-ended LED tubes, please write to us at
    We look forward to being of service!
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