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How To Find A Reliable LED Bulbs?

led bulbs
led bulbs
led bulbs
led bulbs

If you are looking for a basic light bulb that looks great and cheaper in price. Then, there is no reason not to choose A19 LED Bulbs. These LED Bulbs are known for their efficiency and long-lasting quality in comparison to incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. 

After interviewing several LEDs experts, we’ve got in the conclusion that the efficiency of bulbs depends on how you were using that LED Bulbs. Either is for indoors or outdoor use, for general purpose or to set an atmosphere. 

After searching for a reliable product, We’ve come up with some points that you should consider before purchasing LED Bulbs. 

What You Should Consider Before Choosing an A19 LED Bulbs?

Brand Authenticity

The market of LED light bulbs is getting larger by the time, so your search for the perfect light bulb would be staggering. You will find a generic brand online on E-commerce websites, which is cheaper. “But you might end up with a bulb which is quite dim or does not have long life efficiency.”

We want our readers to have a product, which fulfills all the quality of an LED long-lasting with the utmost brightness. That's why we put our research on those brands, who are reliable tested, and trusted by the customers just like, LEDMyplace widely trusted for its quality and been in the industry from 9+ years. 

Color Rendering Index Score

The quality of the brightness of any lighting fixture depends on the CRI score. A low score means that a bulb is unable to show the true color of an object. Which leads to blurry reflection of an object and does not maintain proper visibility. 

At least a standard score of CRI is must be 80 ensures the spectral quality. That's why A19 LED Bulbs is having 80+ CRI, ensures to provides you a true color of an object and maintains clear visibility even in the dark.

Life Expectancy

The average life of an incandescent and fluorescent bulb is 2,000-36,000 hours, which also varies on the functioning of the light bulb. An operation for a long period of time leads to the depreciation in the working life of the bulb. 

Vice-Versa the totally inverse happened in these A19 LED Bulbs. Built with the latest LEDs technology can easily last up to 50,000 hours. Moreover, you can turn on these LED bulbs straight for 12-hours or more. These bulbs can easily last up to 5-years or more with a very low maintenance cost.

Energy Star Certification

This Energy Star Certification is an authenticity by government, that the product is highly energy-efficient and safe for the environment. To get this certification, your product has to pass some stringent test. 

This certification is a surety that, the product can save money and energy at the same time, and helps to protect the environment by generating greenhouse gas emission. 


We’ve come through this far and got to know much about LED Bulbs. In every aspect, LED Bulbs are better than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs. Now I’ve given you some valid point, that’s why you should go for LED Bulbs. In the end, the decision is yours, but according to the expert's panel, the A19 LED Bulbs are the best option for now.

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