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How to Maintain Distance Between LED Pole Lights?

How to Maintain Distance Between LED Pole Lights?
How to Maintain Distance Between LED Pole Lights?
How to Maintain Distance Between LED Pole Lights?
How to Maintain Distance Between LED Pole Lights?

The LED technology is rapidly growing and giving a tough competition to high-intensity lighting fixtures for the outdoor space. With the attractive design and specification concerns, LED lighting fixtures have been manufactured to trim the wattage consumption and offer high lumen output for better lighting illumination as compared than metal halide fixtures.

LED Shoebox Lights

It is not difficult to choose the LED lighting fixture. Most of the commercial units are aware of their features and benefits but when it comes to installing LED Pole Lights, it becomes hard to select the lighting fixture to the outdoor space.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the selection of the lighting fixture and what distance you should consider between pole lights.

How To Select LED Pole Lights?

Well, the selection of pole light is the main concern before installing them. Depending on where you place the fixture, you may need the high-quality pole light that operates for a long time.

What kind of fixture you should consider?

  • The fixture with low wattage consumption and longer lifespan.

  • The fixture which directly replaces the metal halide, HID, and sodium vapor lighting fixture.

  • Must offer high CCT (Correlated Color Temperature).

  • The LED Pole Light should be IP65 rated to protect the fixture against water and bad weather.

  • The lighting fixture should have an ultra-wide beam angle.

  • The fixture must be UL and DLC certified.

All above-mentioned things you should consider before making any decision.

What Distance You Should Maintain Between LED Pole Lights?

Selecting the fixture and pole lights features are interrelated. While choosing for a lighting fixture, you must know the measurement of the space. Firstly, you need to know the height of the pole you are having, then LED Expert could help you to select the fixture.

LED Pole Lights LUX

Before choosing the lighting fixture, you need to look for the “LUX” of the fixture.

What is LUX in LED Lights?

LUX is used to measure the lighting output in the available area. It measures the total amount of visibility present on the space. 1 LUX is equal to one lumen per square.

Higher the lumen and lower wattage consumption lighting fixture could help you in many ways such as: reduces energy consumption, increases visibility, and you can save 80% money on lighting bills.

What Are The Benefits of LED Pole Lights?

This section of the article covers the benefits of LED Pole Lights.

Energy-Efficiency: The goal of this lighting fixture is to provide the necessary illumination in the targeted area at low lighting cost.

Durability: IP (Ingress Protection) ratings describe the luminaire’s resistance to dust and moisture penetration. Higher the IP rating the fixture would be more durable and its lifespan would be longer than metal halide fixture. The LED lighting fixture requires low maintenance cost while operating and doesn’t make any weird noise while operating for a long time period.

Color: The color temperature of LED Pole Light specifies the white tint of the fixture. 5700K (Day White Light) CCT is the perfect lighting for the outdoor premises.

At the Glance

At LEDMyplace, we can help you to match the LED Pole Lights with your specific needs of the space. Feel free to leave any questions, comments, queries, suggestions, and any doubt you can drop it in the comment section below. Our customer care executive would get in touch with you to resolve it.

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