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How To Make A Smart Parking Lot?

How To Make A Smart Parking Lot?
How To Make A Smart Parking Lot?
How To Make A Smart Parking Lot?
How To Make A Smart Parking Lot?

As technology rapidly envolves worldwide, the value of smart cities becoming more apparent and organized. The government is focusing on the infrastructure of the metro facilities, commercial space, residential space and industrial space even also how to create a safe environment for citizens but what about the parking lots. After developing the cities and states, parking lots remain the same.

We all need to focus on the parking lots and make them safe for everyone and still, it must consume minimum energy.

There are many long and short procedure to create a smart car parking space “P.S. If you already have one, you can convert develop it to the smart one.” By manufacturing LED solar lighting products, our solar lighting devices don’t operate on electrical energy. LED Solar Outdoor Lights are an ideal lighting device for the outdoor space.

What To Do?

The increasing cost of lighting has closed many options for the development of smart car parking lots. LED Solar Outdoor Lights are the lighting devices that generate electrical energy from the sunlight directly. Lighting can do many things at the same time such as brighten up space with high lumen output and have a huge battery back-up.

By installing LED Solar Street Lights can enlighten the space with quality light and tend to increase security measures. The fixture has manufactured with some advanced and high-tech features such as motion detector, heat dissipation, and inbuilt surge protection.

  • Motion Detector: With the help microwave sensor, the fixture can sense the physical motion from the height. When the sensor detects any motion, the fixture automatically turns on the light while its 50,000 hours operational duration.

  • Heat Dissipation: The fixture has been made of die-cast aluminum which keeps the fixture cool & increases the durability of the fixture.

  • Inbuilt Surge Protection: In the open parking lot, it is must to have a fixture which can protect itself from thunder strikes and bad weather.

  • These advanced features fill the space with brightening light. Installing the lighting device can rapidly fill your space with cars and make you earn than ever before.

    How To Do?

    Installing the LED Solar Outdoor Light is an easy process, by following below mentioned steps you can install the device easily:

    Step 1: Choose a place where you can install the fixture and make sure that space is not shady.

    Step 2: To install the foundation, screw and secure the basic cage to the ground by using 4 screws and secure the basic cage with concrete.

    Step 3: Place the battery besides the basic cage and connect the wires with the advice of an expert or you can call an expert to complete the installation process.

    Step 4: Lift the lighting device 1 meter off the ground and connect all the fixtures to pole such as the LED device, battery and solar panel as mentioned in the instruction manual or call an expert who is very known to the process of solar street light installation.

    Step 5: Make sure that you have connected all the wires in a proper way and at the right place.

    Step 6: Lift or erect the lighting fixture through a crane to the right place secure it with bolts. You have securely installed the fixture.


    LED Solar Outdoor Lights are the future of smart cities. It is a one-shot investment for years, these solar lights come with a lot of benefits and variants of color lighting output to meet your expectations. If you have any further queries related to the product, installation process, or want to know more about the lighting device, you can contact us directly from our contact us page.

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