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How To Reduce Outdoor Utility Bill?

How To Reduce Outdoor Utility Bill?
How To Reduce Outdoor Utility Bill?
How To Reduce Outdoor Utility Bill?
How To Reduce Outdoor Utility Bill?

Can you really save money on outdoor lighting fixtures? The answer depends on the what kind of lighting fixture you have installed to your outdoor space. With the simple calculation, you can differentiate the lighting bill when you operate metal halide bulb fixtures and LED Corn Bulbs.

Just make a record of the unit while using the LED Corn Bulb and do the same when using an MH bulb fixture. You’ll instantly get the result that which fixture is consuming more energy.

For example, the lighting cost of the metal halide fixture is $220.75/year whereas you just need to spend $55.19/year.

In this article post, LEDMyplace would describe some ways to reduce the outdoor utility bills and how only lighting fixture can reduce the 75% of lighting bills.

  • Choose the right fixture
  • Considerations while selecting an outdoor lighting fixture
  • Check the maintenance cost

These above-mentioned points would help you to easily select the lighting fixture.

Choose The Right Fixture

As we have already mentioned one of our most energy-efficient lighting products above. We don’t need to mention why LED lighting fixtures are good for outdoor space. With the 360-degree illumination, LED Corn Bulb has already made a special place in many outdoor spaces.

Consideration While Selecting an Outdoor Lighting Fixture

  • Energy-Efficiency: The costing of LED Corn Bulb is quite high as compares with the metal halide bulb but the corn bulb doesn’t consume high energy, unlike MH fixture.
  • Color Temperature: The white shade of this lighting fixture is daylight that emits the lighting similar to sunlight in the night.
  • Lumen Output: Always make sure that you get the high lumen output at low wattage consumption. Why? Lumen defines the brightness of the lighting source. With the low wattage consumption, you would get the low lighting bill and high lumen output offers the blazing light

    Check The Maintenance Cost

    Minimal the maintenance cost tends to save you money on extra expenditures. LED lighting products are likely to offers 50,000 hours lifespan with dramatically low maintenance needs. The fixture which requires costly maintenance is not efficient and doesn’t lead to saving money.

    Why does LEDs lighting products no improvements?

    The answer is simply straight, because of the solid-state lighting technology that illuminates the wide space without any need to burn any filament.

    The basic purpose of replacing metal halide bulb with the LED Corn Bulb is to save energy, reduce utility cost, and enabling low maintenance.

    In The End

    The lower wattage LED Corn Bulb costs less to choose than high-wattage lighting bulb but make sure that you select the corn bulb that comes with high lumen output.

    In this article post, we have mentioned how metal halide bulb utility cost more than corn bulb and by switching MH with LED, you can lead to savings without putting any extra effort.

    If you want to know which wattage corn bulb you should select that contact us and our customer support team would highlight the LED product which suits your lighting desires.

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