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How to Save Money with Hotel Guest Room Lighting If You Are a Hotel or Resort Owner?

Hotel Lighting Fixtures
Hotel Lighting Fixtures
Hotel Lighting Fixtures
Hotel Lighting Fixtures


Hotel guest room lighting is a well-synchronized combination of utility and decorative lighting fixtures that helps in enhancing the visibility of the preferred area by simultaneously adding a creative touch there. Lights like chandeliers, up and down lights, recessed downlights, flush mount ceiling lights, semi flush mount lights, LED tubes, etcetera are used for lighting and decoration perspectives.

Although hotels and resorts are pretty wide premises that obviously require many fixtures to get proper visibility and improved ambiance. This simply reflects on the power consumption bills, maintenance costs, renovations, and other expenses. As a hotel or resort owner, you are always looking for ways that might help you in saving money. So, here are some things you need to focus on that will help you save money when you are planting hotel guest room lighting.

Increase using of LED lights over conventional lighting fixtures!

LED is undoubtedly the most promising means of lighting, whether you talk about residential or commercial applications. There are several efficient benefits of LED lights that promote better lighting and durability. Whether we talk about indoor or outdoor premises, there are several commercial lighting fixtures available to serve the illumination purpose.

Some Benefits of  LED Hotel Lighting Fixtures are:

Some Benefits of  LED Hotel Lighting Fixtures are:
  • LED lights have a better CRI rate.
  • LED lights are available with a longer lifespan
  • They don’t flicker or lose their illumination capacity over time.
  • They are available in numerous color temperatures.
  • They include smart features like dimmable and CCT tunable.

This is the reason why several hotel, restaurant, resort, and inn owners preferred switching to LED hotel lighting over conventional lighting fixtures.

Comparison between LED, CFL, and incandescent commercial lighting 

Brightness (In Lumens)
LED (Wattage)
CFL (Wattage)
Incandescent (Wattage)
2500 or above

The following table indicates how many wattages a light bulb contains in numerous lumen requirement scenarios. You can clearly see that LEDs and CFLs can offer illumination in fewer wattages, but the wattage requirement of incandescent bulbs is comparatively pretty high. Thus, this will reflect in the power consumption bills. If you want to lower your electricity consumption, you can certainly avoid the usage of incandescent bulbs. Furthermore, LED lights are a little more efficient than fluorescent bulbs because of their even lower wattage requirements.

Essential features hotel lighting must include!

There are numerous things that a modern hotel bedroom lighting and lights that are used in various locations must include. These features make sure how efficient the light’s performance and durability are. 

  • Hotel lighting is supposed to be versatile to adapt to all sorts of lighting environments.
  • Hotel guest room lighting should not be dominating or glare on guests’ eyes.
  • The fixtures should be low maintenance with a longer lifespan.
  • The lights should be welcoming, and guests should feel them appealing instead of flashy.
  • The locations should contain an apt balance of both utility and decorative lighting fixtures.

Creatively plan the lighting layout!

Being innovative with the placement of lights is a must with these commercial lighting fixtures as it reflects a creative touch. In addition, hotel guest room lighting should focus on creating a cozy atmosphere where people can feel relaxed. After all, there is a reason why people are visiting these places, i.e., to relax. Therefore, you should keep your hand tight on utility fixtures and focus more on decorative yet modern hotel bedroom lighting.

Areas to especially focus on in hotels and resorts!

Hotels and resorts are comprehensive locations that need lighting at every possible corner. However, lighting some specific areas with the most attractive fixtures and cozy lighting is a must. Here are some major spots to especially focus on in hotels and resorts.

  • Lobby - One of the prime locations that guests see when they visit a hotel or resort is the lobby. It will make the guests feel unwelcome if it does not look attractive. So, make sure to use the most attractive lighting fixtures that are ideal for decoration and lighting purposes.
Hotel Lighting Fixtures
    • Hallways - Hallways are wide locations in the hotels and resorts, and light’s reach at every corner is a must. Neglecting proper light setup can lead to tripping and bumping. So, ensure that you opt for lights with excellent reach at every possible corner. This way, the guests will find their way to their rooms pretty easily and will not complain.
    Hotel Lighting Fixtures
      • Guest Rooms- Of course, lighting up the guest’s rooms with proper hotel guest room lighting fixtures is necessary because this is the place where the guests will eventually end up. So, using cozy and relaxing modern hotel bedroom lighting is something the hotel owners should focus on to benefit their guests. 
      Hotel Lighting Fixtures

        This will benefit them somehow because a satisfied guest will find the place comforting and relaxing and will be pleased to visit there again.


        In the end, opting for LED modern bedroom lighting, commercial lighting, and other hotel lighting fixtures in several parts of the hotel can surely help the hotel and resort owners to save money, as LED lights have numerous benefits. Making sure of a few things while buying lights can really help them to save on maintenance and utility consumption costs. Therefore, if you are planning to give an appealing look to your hotel and resort’s ambiance, prefer the tips and suggestions, and your location will come out in flying colors.

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