Let’s face the bitter truth that the quality base lighting products are quite expensive but not with the LEDMyplace’s lighting products. They are high in quality and offers blazing light to indoor and outdoor space.


Don’t you think that these fixtures also need some protection whether they are indoor and outdoor fixtures?

Well, to protect the fixture from the water and dust ingression, we need to consider IP rated lighting fixtures for the application area.

What is an IP & Why Is It So Important?

An IP rating consists of two numbers, the first digit refers to how well the fixture is protected from solids such as dust. The second number shows what kind of moisture that unit can withstand before failure becomes a possibility. As the number increases the protection level of the fixture also increases.

IP Rating Table


Protect Against Solids 

Protect Against Liquids


Not Protected

Not protected



Dripping water



Dripping water when tilted up to 15°.



Spraying water



Splashing water


Dust Protected

Water jets


Dust Tight 

Powerful water jets


Immersion up to 1m


Immersion beyond 1m

The table shows the protection level of the IP rating shows. The suitable IP rating for the indoor space is IP44 and for the outdoor is IP65 to IP68.

If we talk about the outdoor lighting fixture such as LED pole lights, we all are aware of the sudden changes in the climate that’s why we needed an IP rated fixture helps us to be in the lighting space where no natural light available.

And IP rated fixture protects the fixture from dust and water intrusion. The metal halides always failed against harsh weather conditions.


Refer to the IP rating chart above to understand what each of the ratings stands for. Any electronic appliances whether its a smartphone or a lighting appliance, the manufacturer cross-checks the standard of the IP rating to know that the fixture is water or weatherproof or not.

Why do we need to use IP rating products?

  • The IP codes enable us to put in the place sufficient safeguard to protect the fixture from damage.
  • Electronic products with a high IP rating boost customer’s confidence and trust to buy these lighting products.
  • The IP rating ensures the efficiency of performing their function and handling the terrain they are designed for.

The suitable LED lighting fixture for the outdoor is LED Pole Lights which is energy-efficient and IP65 rated along with that it is also working with the motion sensor, dusk to dawn sensor, and dimmer which make this fixture more suitable for the operator.

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