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Install Energetic and Durable LED Wall Packs to Lighten Outdoor Ambience

led wall packs
led wall packs
led wall packs
led wall packs

LED Wall Packs Solve the Outdoor Lighting Purpose Effectively

These days the LED lighting products have become quite popular in the market and more and the number of buyers are relying upon these lights to lighten the place. Among vast lighting range in LED products, the LED wall packs are also gaining popularity and they are commonly being installed at the parking garages, sides of the buildings, building entrances and tunnels that require maximum visibility.

You can install these LED wall packs to illuminate the ground areas that are used by pedestrians and drivers allowing them to clearly see what is coming from the other side. These lights are the perfect solution to the lighting needs of a newly constructed building and can also be replaced with the traditional lights such as metal halide etc in a more profitable way.

Some of the benefits of using LED wall packs are mentioned as follows:

Better level of Security

The dark places are targeted by the criminals as the chances of getting caught is almost zero in the dark lanes or roads, but if we install LED wall packs at the outside commercial and residential building, then the criminals will not dare to do any kind of criminal activity at the well-lit areas. To ensure that you have installed these lights so that each and every individual can walk safely and freely.

Wide beam angle

Thanks to the wider beam angle of the LED wall packs that allow the building owners to illuminate the entire wider and larger place effectively, even the extreme corner will become visible when you install these energy efficient lights over there. Once installed, you can expect them to lighten the place for more than 50,000 hours which is much higher than the normal lights.

Better lumen output

The lumen output is basically the level of brightness of the lights that is helpful in making the place look brighter and attractive, the lumen output of these LED wall pack lights is much higher when compared to the traditional form of lights. For example, if you install 13w LED wall packs that produce 1700 lumens then it can be replaced with traditional lights of up to 70w which means great savings.

Eco-friendly lights

These LED wall packs are also eco-friendly lights that not only are making the place illuminated but are also helpful in reducing air pollution as well. These lights don’t produce any kind of harmful chemicals such as mercury, halogen or other which otherwise can pollute the environment and are found in case of the traditional form of lights.

So revamp the lighting system at your place by installing these energy efficient LED wall packs that along with giving you above benefits are also DLC approved lights allowing you to get tax benefits from the power companies as well.
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