Why & How To Install LED Strip Light?

LED Strip Lighta

LED lights are a revolutionary technology in the lighting company and offer many benefits to the customers. With the large variety of LED lighting appliances, it has replaced all the traditional lighting fixtures with their efficiency.

They come in every size and shape to illuminate the indoor and outdoor space but there is a fixture that is to decorate both the areas LED Strip Lights. These lights are also known as tape light that has a 3M adhesive backing which helps to make the installation easier.

In this informative article, we’ll tell why do you need to install LED tape lights.

First of all, this fixture can be used in commercial and residential applications.

Below are the benefits of using strip lights: 

LED Strip Light

  • Adjustable: These tape lights can be cut to any length. You can customize it to any length in the exact way you want.
  • Variant color shades: They are available in the variety of light shade even in the RGB, Pink, UV, and variety of white shades. So, you can lighten up your area as the way (color) you want.
  • Safe: If looking at the other side of the benefits of LED strip light apart from its appearance, they are eligible in any challenging working atmosphere. With IP65 and IP68 rating, the tape light can protect itself in any weather condition, also you can worry-free install this fixture in the swimming pool as well.
  • Dimmable LED tape light: These lights come with the dimmable option which specifies that you can control the light outcome from 0V to 10V.
  • Efficiency: This lighting fixture consumes less energy and emits lighting to the overall space which means you can save money on lighting bills without compromising decorative lighting needs.

These are the basic benefits of LED strip lights, if you want to know more visit the category section of the website.

LED Strip lights

How To Install LED Strip Lights?

This is a step by step process to install the LED tape lights.

Step 1: Clean the surface when you’re installing your LED lights

Step 2: Connect your LED lighting to your chosen surface

Step 3: Bisect them using a pair of scissors as per your requirement

Step 4: Connect the LED strips to the power supply via connector or wire


  • Cut the strip light only from where it marked
  • Select the driver’s voltage that is similar to the tape lights
  • At The End

    LED Strip Lights are the ideal lighting fixture to illuminate the space with different variety of light shades without any worrying about the utility bills. With the exceptional experience of the light, impress your visitor without putting any extra formal efforts.

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