Install Single Pin LED Tube Lights To Ease the Installing Process

singh pin led tube lights

We all want to install those lights at the indoor places which can ease the installing process and can be installed quickly within a lesser period of time. If your aim is also to have a hassle-free installing, then you can install single pin LED tube lights that are the perfect replacement to the traditional form of lights.

Presently, there are various types of LED tubes available in the market that comes in various different sizes including 2ft, 4ft and standard 8ft that is used mostly at the indoor commercial and residential places. If you are using single pin LED tube lights of any size, then you can easily make the connections by replacing them with the traditional wires, however, it is advisable to follow the standard while making the change. Along with easy installing option, there are uncountable benefits which you will get to witness when started using these lights against their counterparts.

Some of the advantages of using a 4ft single pin LED tube are as follows:

Start instantly

These single pin LED tube lights to start instantly and no matter whatever size lights you are picking, you will not witness any kind of flickering or buzzing at the time of staring these lights which are found in the traditional lights. Also, these LED lights don’t require any warm-up time as well which is useful in saving more energy as you don’t need to turn the lights on before than actually requiring it.

Lumen output

The lumen output of these 4FT LED tubes is much more than the traditional lights, for instance, if you install 4ft 22w single pin LED tube that produces 2500 lumens then you can easily replace it with 40w of light and can expect the monthly electricity bills to go down by significant level. The LED tubes convert more than 80% of the power into lights and a very lesser amount is wasted in the form of heat which is exactly opposite in the case of fluorescent or another traditional form of lights.

Wider beam angle

All the LED tubes including single pin LED tube lights as well have a wider beam angle of more 120 degree which is useful to illuminate wider and larger areas. Many of the times, while working inside the offices, the employees sitting at the corner places don’t get the exact lighting required to do the work, which affects his/her productivity as well, but by installing these wider beamed angled lights, the business owner can ensure that all the employees are working under the accurate lighting.

So make sure that you are installing these single pin LED tube lights if you want to reduce your pain of installing and also want to save more than 75% in your monthly electricity bills. Go for these LED lights as there is no better lighting option available than these lights which are eco-friendly and helpful in reducing the monthly electricity bills as well.

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