Is it the right time to switch to LED bulbs?

led bulbs

LED lights’ inimitable features have overshadowed CFL’s identity, yes! the time has come to swap CFL with LED

The common man finds it hard to choose between CFL & LED. But those having good knowledge about LED’s superior quality knows it is always LED light. Before discussing LED lights superior features let us talk about its looks.

Where the CFL bulb has curly looks, the LED is a long light bulb, but that doesn’t make it favorite, there are many technological advantages attached to LED bulbs.


In CFL, electric current flows between electrodes at each end of the gas-filled tube. This reaction creates ultraviolet light and heat, later on when it hits the interior phosphorus coating, it changes to light, this process takes 30 seconds to3 minutes and that’s why it seems CFL takes a while to lit up. Just opposite to it, LED lights don’t experience such reaction, when current passes through tiny diodes they lit up in a nick of seconds.

CFL emits more than 80% heat whereas, LED bulbs emit very less heat.

CFL emit light in different directions, whereas LED emits light in a specific direction and they don’t need diffusers and reflectors to trap light.

led bulbs

In CFL light, we talk about watts, i.e energy consumed. Whereas when we talk about LED bulbs, we always consider Lumen, which means brightness. Both the bulbs consume energy or wattage, but the energy consumed by LED bulbs is quite less as compared to an ordinary CFL. To understand this, better, go through the table.

When you pick an LED bulb, you have options in hand, like, a superior LED bulb offers three types of light. Soft white, Bright white and a Daylight.

LED bulbs come with smart technology

Nowadays, LED bulbs are also called smart bulbs, why? Because they can be controlled through your smart phone or remote. When you are on the way to home, before stepping out of your car, you can easily lit LED bulbs through remote control.  

LED bulbs also work smoothly with Alexa, Google Assistant, and IFTTT

Light sensors and dimmable technology give them the upper hand over CFL and incandescent bulbs.


LED bulbs are actually new-generation bulbs. Remote control technology, energy saving capability, high lumen, and excellent color temperature give them an edge over ordinary CFL bulbs.

If you want to know how they can enhance your profit, just visit Google, In case, you want to know about their price or design or utility, then, type:

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