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It’s not About the Money, It’s About The Planet

led warehouse lighting
led warehouse lighting
led warehouse lighting
led warehouse lighting

A warehouse light, a bunch of them, hanging from the bay, lighting the place. 

What a drab and empty place a warehouse will become if lights are not proper. Research has shown that good light makes us happy. And when employees are happy, a business will flourish. same is the case with a warehouse.

LED Warehouse Lights provide the right kind of lighting which an important business place such as a warehouse requires. Thus, not just saving money, but also boosting the productivity of your employees. 

But what would you lose if you don’t install LED warehouse lighting. From an upside-down perspective, you pay more on utility bills month after month and end up losing the lighting fixture to some damage way before its rated life. 

led warehouse lighting

You don’t get to choose the color temperature nor do you get motion sensors in your light. Additionally, when you install Metal Halide fixtures in your warehouse, heat the place so much that you end up needing a cooling system. 

Last but not least, you cause damage to the environment in more ways than you know. 

It’s not about the money, it’s about the planet

Global warming has reached peaks and has broken all the records. The damage caused to the planet is almost irreparable. Non-LED lights contribute to this damage by generating more heat in the environment than an LED light would produce. This directly contributes to the heat generated and heats up the planet. 

Further, metal halide lights consume more electricity so the ever-pressured electrical grids almost reach the breaking point. In the process, more coal is fired to generate electricity which adds tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. Furthermore heating up the planet. 

But you want to talk about the money

ufo led high bay lights

High Bay LED Lights such as UFO High bay and Linear High Bay help save you money on multiple fronts, let’s talk about how. 

  • Energy-efficiency: Shuji Nakamura is rightly being awarded time and again for developing and inventing the energy-efficiency of LEDs which converts 95% of electricity into light while losing just 5% of the electricity as heat. This means that a much lower wattage LED warehouse light can replace an existing metal halide fixture. This means that you save more than 75% on your utility bills. 

  • Long-lasting: Let’s start by guessing how many hours an LED Light can last. 5,000...10,000...20,000, maybe 30,000 hours. A usual LED Warehouse light has a rated operational life of more than 50,000 hours. Let that sink in. 

  • Correct colors: The colors rendered by these lights are accurate. This means that what you see under daylight, you’ll see under these LED lights. This translates into less color sensitive mistakes. 

  • The cost of LED lights has fallen significantly over the years. An LED bulb is less than a dollar cheap. But some (we will not name who) think that these are costly. We would have surely bought even an expensive one because it’s not about the money, it’s about the planet. 

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