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How Do LED Pole Lights Play A Key Role In Each Part Of A Day?

led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights

In the winters, when stars are about to say ’goodbye’ and the fog surrounds everything, the pristine beams coming from pole lights create an illusion of several moons on the earth. 

LED Pole lights and the morning time.

The morning time is always refreshing. And it becomes more enthralling when your path illuminates because of state-of-the-art LED pole lights. When the morning sun is a bit late and the fog is all around, an array of pole lights make jogging and other exercises simply delight. And when the sun takes its seat, LED Pole light’s dusk to dawn sensors activate automatically. 

LED Pole lights and the evening time.

In the afternoon, one doesn’t need lights, but in the evening time, once again these lights play a key role. Whether it is strolling around the park or meditation on lush green grass or simply having ice cream with your friends, everything becomes enjoyable, thanks to LED Pole light

LED Pole Lights and night hours.

When the number of vehicles runs on the road with high speed, beside brakes, there is one more thing which ensures safety. Yes, LED Pole lights contribute to safety and security. Without these lights, it is next to impossible to locate impediments or blocks on the road.  

LED Pole Lights and stormy climate.

Time never remains the same. Changing weather not only affects mood, but also surroundings. The moment heavy thunder and rainy shower compel you to carry an umbrella as your safety cap, there is no effect on the LED Pole lights. Because of painted body, aluminum heat sink and good resistance against rainwater, these lights illuminate roads without flickering.

LED Pole Lights and the scorching sun.

In summertime, when the earth seems like a hot metal plate, and the breeze is almost unbearable, pole lights work as efficiently as they would in the springtime. Not to mention, high temperature does not lead to technical glitches like flickering or electric sparks or fluctuation in the voltage or its CRI or intensity of light. 

LED Pole Lights and the snowfall.

Snow seems more pleasant on screen. In real life, it leads to problems. The roads get jam-packed; landslide leads to heavy destruction, but unless there is an irreparable natural calamity, pole lights remain unaffected. Freezing temperature doesn’t affect the light’s luminous power and CRI.

LED Pole Lights and the springtime. 

The spring season is the most pleasant time of the year. In the spring season, everything seems colorful.  The temperature is ambivalent, so there isn’t a problem with the fixture. In the nutshell, Pole lights work efficiently without flickering. 

Previously metal halide fixtures were in vogue. Nowadays advanced features of pole lights have made them a better option. Want to know, what makes 150 watts LED Pole Light so deserving? Check these facts.     

  • LED Pole Light consumes mere 12 watts, whereas halogen bulbs consume 70 watts. 
  • LED Pole Lights have 25 times more capacity than an ordinary street light.   
  • Simple garden light has a detrimental effect on animals. Studies show LED Pole Lights attract fewer insects in comparison to street lights. 
  • LED Pole Light comes in various colors and wattage viz. Bronze, Grey, Black, Silver. Wattage: 35, 55, 150 and so on. 

Myriad Pole Lights

  • Universal Mount
  • LED Post Top Light
  • LED Solar Street Light
  • Yard light
  • Slip Fitter Mount
  • Direct Mount
  • Yoke Mount

Inimitable features of LED Pole Lights

These lights are UL/DLC certified.

They are IP65 rated, so they can brave bad climatic conditions.

These luminaries consume 80% less energy.

Its design facilitates excellent heat dissipation.   

Where else you can install LED Pole Light 150 watt    

One can install LED Pole Lights on the periphery of stadiums or around walkways or near fuel stations  


You might know more about lights installed or mounted in your home. But then, outdoor lights are equally important. Available in myriad models, these lights are inevitable for roads, bridges, walkways, parking, and highways. Without pole lights, roads appear deserted and lonely. If you are a constructor or a builder and you don’t have ample information about these lights, then you can visit LEDMyplace.          

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