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Know unknown facts about Dusk to Dawn Outdoor LED pole lights.

led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights
led pole lights

While crossing a wired bridge in your fast-moving car, what you really come across? Is it buildings or trail of vehicles or tram on the roads or trail of LED Pole lights? We are sure, you would give least votes to pole lights, but did you know outdoor LED pole lights play a crucial role in your safety? Without these lights, the number of road accidents will definitely escalate. On moonless nights, when nothing is clear pole luminaries illuminate roadside vehicles and trees.

Have you ever thought, why these pole lights are so important? Or why are there special pole lights for sideways and walkways? If you are confused about the answer, read this text word for word.  

Firstly, always keep in your mind, LED pole lights come in a variety of designs and each design has its significance. Like, LED Dusk to Dawn or LED Universal Mount or LED Post Top Garden Light. We can’t elucidate all the lights in the single blog, so here we explain Dusk to Dawn lights.

LED Pole Lights

Among a variety of pole lights, Dusk to Dawn has its own place. As the sun says goodbye to the earth, these lights illuminate the surroundings. These lights are apt for the industrial and commercial area.

One doesn’t need a team to install these lights. A single person can easily install Dusk to Dawn lights.

Lights and heat are related to each other. This high-performance modular fixture can easily remove heat through thermal management. Though its heat sink is made of aluminum, still it is very efficient in removing the heat.   

CRI of lights is more than 70, so one can expect true colors. Although light’s every feature is unique, but its fast motion sensor gives it an edge over simple pole luminaire. The moment object comes near it, the lights turn on and the security people become more vigilant.


These lights are suitable for walkways, driveways and sideways. Low maintenance and less energy consumption make these lights perfect for public places. If you are an industrialist and looking for suitable lights for boundary or surroundings then just pick Dusk to Dawn. If you are looking for more information about these lights you can talk to our customer care executive.  

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