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LED Bulbs - Add Brightness, Conserve Energy

LED Bulbs
LED Bulbs
LED Bulbs
LED Bulbs

Just close your eyes and imagine, how will you survive if there were no lights? Long back when there were no electric bulbs, people had oil lanterns to disperse the darkness. With the invention of Edison bulbs, things turned better. Incandescent lights and bulbs illuminated buildings, walkways, and pathways.

Though Edison bulbs were a great support, that didn’t put inventions to halt, in the later years, CFL and LED bulbs redefined lighting. In present times, the world adores LED bulbs.

Now let us know, how are these bulbs changing your world?

Homes: You can’t say LED tube lights are enough to illuminate homes. With tubes, you also need LED bulbs. Available in various wattage viz. 12, 60 and 100, LED bulbs to infuse glow in rooms. You can install these bulbs in drawing rooms, dining rooms, and kitchens.

LED bulbs

Garden Area: Garden in homes not only brings peace for minds, but it also infuses positive energy. In the day time, you don’t need light, but in the evening time, when birds take return journey, you switch on pole lights to add calmness and tranquility. Many of you might not know, these pole lights have simple LED or LED Corn bulbs   

Workstation: These days workstations are not boring places. Aesthetic furniture and beautiful LED bulbs have made them more fascinating. These bulbs are easily conspicuous in the workstation’s lobby. You can also find them in the gym area.

Cafeteria: It is a place where you chill out after a grueling week. Beautifully designed cafeteria brings back lost enthusiasm.  

How LED bulbs are better than CFL?

Researchers have found, CFL bulbs perform better on floors, whereas LED Bulbs perform exceptionally well on the heights.

CFL bulbs need time to warm up, whereas LED bulbs don’t need time to spread the glow.

As per one research, the cost one bears using CFL bulbs for 20 years $54, whereas the cost one bears using LED bulbs for 20 years $34    


LED bulbs seem simple, but there are many questions attached to these bulbs. Like, how much wattage bulb is suitable for a kitchen? Or are these bulbs weather resistant? If you also confront such questions, you can talk to our marketing executive without any hesitation.

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