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An Ultimate Guide Of LED Bulbs

LED Bulbs
LED Bulbs
LED Bulbs
LED Bulbs

Make a wise choice in daily usage of lighting appliances...

Picture a hypothetical future in which LED bulbs helping you to save money without making any extra efforts. You just need to install them to space and sit back freely.

If you are an outdoor space, just take a look around yourself, the most common appliance you’ll get a smartphone and LED Lighting appliance. We can spend a day without a smartphone but not without light. Lighting fixtures have become a daily need appliance which makes our day way more easier.

To fulfill the vision of getting a bright light, LED technology has invented LED Bulbs which is an ideal lighting source for indoor. By brightening up space in a glorious way, you can also save money daily basis.

Many folks think they are earning good money, maybe they are, but, what about the savings???

With smart lighting technology, you can save a lot more money not only by trimming lighting bills but also in the maintenance. An LED Bulb is a direct replacement of a conventional and traditional lighting fixture.

This full complete article which guides you to select an ideal smart bulb fixture for your specific requirements. Read the text to text and get the full detailed information about the LED lighting fixtures.

LED Bulbs


If you really want to dig into the full detailed knowledge about the LED smart lights, then read word to word…

  • A-Style LED Bulbs
  • BR LED Bulbs
  • PAR LED Bulbs
  • MAR LED Bulbs
  • PL LED Bulbs
  • GU LED Bulbs

These are the types of bulbs which are famous for indoor and outdoor space. Yes!!! You read that right. Now, these bulbs are suitable for outdoor as well. With the help of some feature, the lighting technology has become so advanced that it can easily work in the damp location and take a stand out against water sprays.

LED Bulbs


The shape of bulbs is opposite A shape. The bulb comes in an E26 base with two different shapes A19 and A21. This bulb fixture comes in different light tints which means you can select from your requirement light shade which would suitable for your space. The light dispersion angle of this fixture is 230-degree which illuminate the space in a particular direction.

What Is The Difference Between A19 & A21 Shape?

Both of the shapes are slightly different from each other. The diameter of an A19 is a diameter (19/8 = 2.375inches) and the diameter of A21 (21/8 = 2.625inches)

This A19 bulb is 4.13 inches and A21 has 5 inches. This bulb is the replacement of traditional bulbs which specifies that it saves energy without putting any extra effort. Best suitable for the home.

What makes this fixture special?

It is a retrofit fixture of traditional lighting source but you need to make sure the base is similar.



The full form of BR and PAR are mentioned below:

BR: Bulged Reflector

PAR: Parabolic Aluminized Reflector

These bulbs are installed just for the one purpose that is “FOCUS”, mostly the retails shops, malls, and space where the operator wants to focus on one particular thing. With the instant on and an E26 base, it lightens up space at the moment when you turn on the power supply. 

Both of the bulbs have a similar working principle but the color rendering index of PAR Bulb is 90+ and BR bulb has 80+ which doesn’t make a huge difference but visually you can see the difference.

What is the difference between 80+ and 90+ CRI?

  • 80+ most of this rendering index is being used for the indoor space for the better and clear vision.
  • 90+ this much rendering index is mainly used in malls so that the visitors can make a clear color difference.


    This lighting fixture is being widely used in the commercial industrial sectors. The beneficial benefits of this fixture that it is dimmable which let you control the lighting output. By using this fixture, you can reduce more energy consumption and lower the lighting bills.

    It is a 6.5W bulb fixture which is an equivalent to a 30W traditional fixture that means you can save up to 20W/fixture. The best suitable space is showrooms and low ceiling industries.



    With the lower wattage, this fixture widely used in homes, convenience stores, shops, hotels, and motels, etc. The reason behind is the rotatable base which allows you to rotate the fixture from 270-degree for the wider illumination.

    Well, these bulbs are quite costly than any other traditional light sources. However, they consume high wattage to operate and comes with a very low lifespan. It flicks a lot while turning on and could also make humming and buzzing noise.

    Whereas, LED bulbs work on low wattage consumption which leads to saving lower utility bills and comes with the 50,000 hours lifespan. It instantly turns on and doesn’t make any noise while turning on.

    It has two and four pin base which ensures that the fixture fits-in the socket properly and doesn’t come out during working hours.


    With the GU10 base, this fixture is used for the general lighting. It is a direct replacement of incandescent bulb and conventional halogen bulb. It is mostly installed in a row to illuminate the space gloriously.

    With these lighting fixtures, you can save up to 90% money on lighting bills. This fixture produces more light and lesser heat. By converting 85% of the intake into the light and rest converts to heat.

    These are the wide range of bulbs that are being used in different spaces and comes with the different quite different features as well.


    All the mentioned smart bulb fixtures have some essential features which make it different from any other traditional lighting sources. Some of them are mentioned down below:

    Thermal Heat Dissipation

    If you allow expert advice then never purchase a lighting fixture that doesn’t have a thermal heat dissipation feature. This is a specification that keeps the fixture cool and enhances durability.

    Whereas, the incandescents are lead to heat up so quickly that they just burst. The LED Bulb comes with the thermal heat sink that doesn’t let the fixture heat up and immediately cools down. Most of the metal halides get heat up quickly after the long operational hours whereas if you use LEDs with the same usage, it won’t heat up.

    If we compare the metal halide lighting fixture with LED lighting fixtures, conventional fixtures tend to heat-up quickly while the long operational hour. With the thermal heat dissipation, LED Lights doesn’t heat up after the long working hours.

    Lighting Diffusion

    The lighting fixture is known for its illumination power. With this smart bulb, it comes with the betterment in the distribution of light such as the shade of light, quality of light, and amount of lighting output.

    The Shade of Light: - With the better white tint, the light comes within many shades such as warm white, natural white, day white, and cool white light color temperature that illuminates the space in a better way.

    The Quality of Light: - Color rendering index defines the quality of lighting output. The lighting output is worthless when it's not displaying the original color of the object.

    The Amount of Lighting Output: - The amount of visible lighting passes through the light source have been counted in lumens. Make sure that you but less wattage LED Light that offers high lumen output.

    These are the features that define lighting diffusion.

    Light Control

    These lighting fixtures are considerably used to illuminate the wider space but. have you ever heard that you can control the lighting output? And some of the LED Bulbs come with the dimmer (it is a device that controls the lighting output from 0V - 10V).

    Basically, it controls the voltage waveform that dims and brightens the lighting output. By using dimmable lighting fixture, you can save more than 75% energy. It can lead you to save extra dollars on lighting bills.

    Rugged Construction

    Each development comes with new challenges. While manufacturing these bulbs, the first challenge comes in front of the scientist, how to make these fixtures shatterproof?


    The aluminum housing makes these fixtures shatterproof and protects it against rust, zink, and corrosion.


    Ques1: Which LED Bulb Is Best For Home?

    Ans: Well, most people get confused just because of the wide range of lighting bulbs. Mainly, we get requests for the A-style LED Bulb which is super easy to install and illuminate the whole wide space in just a second.

    Ques2: Can You Put A LED Bulb In A Regular Fixture?

    Ans: YES!!! Generally, the bulb sockets are E26 and E39 (If you are not aware of it you can check the socket packet also, there you’ll get the most of the information about the fixture or consult with an expert) mainly all the bulbs are easy to install. It is also a retrofit lighting fixture, so yes, you can fit the fixture into your regular socket.

    Ques3: Do LED Bulb Really Saves Money?

    Ans: LEDs are famous for their efficiency. They consume lesser energy than conventional and incandescent bulbs which lead to trim and reduce the utility bills.

    Ques4: Are LED Lights Dangerous To Health?

    Ans: Unlike conventional bulbs, LEDs doesn’t contain any toxic elements such as mercury, UV, and IR rays which basically affects our health directly and causes eye-strain headache and might make blurry visuals as well. So the LED lights are totally safe for the health because it doesn’t have any toxic components in it.

    If you want to save money for the better tomorrow than start using LED Bulbs and not just save money but also the environment.

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