LED Bulbs- Lights You Need To Brighten Your Life

led bulbs

Every LED chip counts and no one should be doubtful of this fact. There are some great things about LEDs that no one is talking about and stay stuck in the studies and research papers only.

Switching to LED bulbs does not seem a no-brainer. There are arguments around it about it being so costly and all. One thing to bear in mind-these lights are assets in the long term, so they should be considered investments.

Total Energy Savings With LEDs

LED lights have enormous advantages over the old lighting tech, the first of which is energy efficiency. There are around 144 million halides still installed in the more than 400,000 industrial facilities in the states alone. These infidel HIDs consume more than 58, 000 terawatt of power. This colossal amount is enough to light up 33% of the entire houses. 

If these all have to be replaced with LED. the upfront cost will be a bit higher. But once this is all done, the energy consumption will reduce by 50%. 

LED bulbs last as long as some living beings. With the average usage, LED bulbs can last up to 2 decades. HIDs on the other hand, end up by 5 years or so. Roughly LED bulbs have a life of around 50,000 hours. With the rough usage as stated above, it is easy for them to last up to 2 decades and that too maintenance free. 

So there are two savings that make your pocket happy. 

  • Energy savings are so high that they will recover the entire cost in a couple of months. 
  • Maintenance-free long life which will reduce further cost

led bulbs

Properties Of Lights Given Out By LED Bulbs

Directional Light- Incandescents have bad directional properties, compared to LEDs. LED bulbs are not directional lights, but they are the closest thing to it. Corn LED bulbs, for example, are omnidirectional lights. LED wall packs are highly directional lights

Range OF CCTs- LED bulbs come in a range of color temperatures Natural white like that of broad light, or warmer tones that are yellowish, you will LEDs for al your needs. 

High CRIs- LED bulbs have high CRIs of 80 and above, which means that colors rendered by these lights are very similar to the colors rendered by broad daylight.

LEDs Bulbs Are Dimmable-

LED bulbs are dimmable, which is an added feature to these lights. It optimizes the energy usage of the bulb, by giving freedom of adjusting the brightness. The electronic modulator controls the peak voltage and current, to control the overall brightness as well. 

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