Led Corn Bulb, Because Non-Renewable Resources, Are Depleting

LED corn Bulbs

We are heading towards a new century. Technology has evolved our lives. It has touched almost every sector of our lives. From infrastructure to lifestyle to routine lights, everything has changed. Some ten years back, there were not many light options in our hands, but presently we are surrounded by them.

Fortunately, the modern generation has realized the importance of depleting resources, and that’s why they are going with energy saving measures. Like, choosing LED Corn bulbs over normal Fluorescent bulbs.  

Look like fresh corn in the paddy fields, Corn bulbs have many distinct features which give them an advantage over conventional Metallic Halide lights.

LED Corn Bulbs Vs Metallic Halide Bulbs

Metallic bulbs lose a lot of lumens in the first 6 months, this does not happen with Corn bulbs.

Metal Halide bulbs are omnidirectional that means light is distributed in every direction, whereas in Corn bulbs light doesn’t spread in all directions.

Metallic bulbs need reflectors, whereas LED Metallic bulbs do not need any reflectors.

LED Corn bulbs respond instantly, whereas Metallic bulbs take time.

LED corn Bulbs

LED Corn bulbs are not very compatible with traditional dimmers, so one needs dimmer switches. This isn’t a case with Halide bulbs, these lights can be dimmed through the use of different electric and magnetic ballast.   

Metallic bulbs require regular relamping and ballast replacement, whereas LED Corn bulbs don’t need this.  

How do Corn Bulbs get cooled?

A good Corn bulb cools itself.  A few Corn bulbs come with fans which help in cooling. Bulbs with fans are not very successful because many times fan’s motor dies.

Where you can install Corn Bulbs

One can install Corn Bulbs in myriad places. Like in lamp post or drawing room or kitchen. These bulbs are a bit expensive, but they save a lot of energy and money.   


It will not be an overrated statement if we say, Corn bulbs are futuristic lighting fixtures. In present times, when we are striving for more and more energy saving lights, these fixtures are like a ray of hope.

If you want to know more about bulbs’ application, then you can have a word with our customer care executive.  

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