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LED Corn Bulbs Also Illuminate Walkways & Sports Stadiums

led corn bulbs
led corn bulbs
led corn bulbs
led corn bulbs

Sports stadiums have become part of our lifestyle. There was a time, these stadiums were used to mere display sports skills today many athletes and sports freak not only tone their body but also hone their skills for international competitions.

These stadiums not only have heavy machines, but they also have a wide swimming pool. People won’t get injured while working on heavy machines, sustaining this view, many corn bulbs are installed on ceilings. Besides stadiums, these high wattage bulbs are also suitable for workshops.

Many people raise a question, why LED Corn Bulbs and not ordinary bulbs? Answer to this question lies in the facts.  

  • Corn bulbs convert electricity to light, whereas ordinary fluorescent and Halide bulbs convert much of the power into heat.
  • Fluorescent and Halide bulbs need ballasts whereas corn bulbs do not need it.
  • These bulbs are available in two variants, E26 and E39
  • These LED bulbs are environment-friendly, when one selects corn bulbs, one automatically becomes the part of the community which supports environment measures.

led corn bulbs

Superior Features of LED Corn Bulbs

  • Facilitates Lumen up to 14000 approx.
  • Suitable for commercial and industrial units.
  • Corn bulbs come under IP64 ratings.
  • Saves more than 70% energy.

Before purchasing LED Corn Bulbs, always ask questions about wattage, temperature, lumen, and certification.

Wattage:  These bulbs consume less energy in comparison to Halide and Sodium bulbs.

Temperature: The color source is measured in Kelvin. The higher the Kelvin temperature, the whiter the light, while purchasing LED corn bulbs always consider color temperature.

Lumen: The more the lumen better the brightness. Stadium and parking authorities should check the lumen before purchasing corn bulbs.

Certification: DLC certificate talks about the bulb’s quality. If you are looking for bulbs for parking zone, then don’t overlook DLC certification.

Goodbye Note

There is a lot more to know about corn bulbs. You won’t feel enervated while reading the text, sustaining this view, we have shared generic information.  In case you want to know more about corn bulbs, then fill customer query form or talk to our customer care executive.

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