LED Downlights Can Bring 88% Energy-Savings Even With 24 Hours of Use!

led downlights
When it’s about lighting up any interior space such as kitchen, bathroom, living room, dining room or study room, it can’t get any better than LED downlights, especially since conventional halogen lights came to fail on several accounts. One of the major demerits with halogen as a downlight was its late turning On and flickering tendency after getting turned On. And, another major demerit with it was too much consumption of power. With LED downlights, you have a wide variety of options, whether it’s about the size, shape, wattage or brightness. And, so, there’s little wonder as to why LED downlights of late have become widely popular.

When getting to know about LED downlights in detail, it becomes important to discuss everything at length, right from knowing the various types of LED downlights to features and then the tips for setting these up.  Therefore, in this blog, let’s begin with the different types of LED downlights.

LED Downlights - Major Types   

The following are some of the most types available in the market.

Based on Size

The LED downlights may come in sizes of 4 inch, 5/6 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch.

Based on Shape

Depending on shape, LED downlights can be of square or round shape. Then, there are LED downlights that come with multiple trimming options such as baffle-trim, eyeball-trim or disk LED downlight. All of these downlights in different shapes have a benefit to them that is if the baffle-trim downlight is known to reduce the glare that may be caused due to very intense, bright light, the eyeball-shaped downlight allows you to adjust the beam angle. The disk-shaped LED downlight can be utilized in interior spaces where there is lack of space or too congested space.

Based on Dimming Feature        

LED downlight may also come as dimmable or non-dimmable LED Downlight. The dimmable LED downlight allows for a change in lighting atmosphere from task-oriented to an ambient one through dimming. The dimmable feature also allows you to save energy on top of what you already save by switching from halogen downlight to LED downlight.      

LED Downlight - Features  

LED downlight

Ambient Lighting, Accent Lighting & Task-Lighting

LED downlight being available in 3000K warm white), 4000K (neutral white) and 5000K (neutral white-daywhite light) can provide for all the three - a change in ambience through ambient lighting, highlighting of objects displayed through accent lighting and productive lighting to accomplish tasks such as reading, writing, etc. through task-lighting.  

High Color Rendering

A Color Rendering Index is very important from the perspective of enabling objects look real and authentic as they would look in presence of natural light. LED downlights having a CRI of 90 is above a standard of 80 to make objects look very close to real. So, such kind of LED downlights are of great use in clothing or jewellery business.    


The LED downlights when experimented by some users, these lights didn’t bring any less than 88% in energy-savings -- a huge difference when compared to conventional halogen lights. The dimming of LED downlights may allow you to save more.

While there are more features of LED downlights, the most important ones were these. Let’s get on to some tips for setting-up of these LED dimmable downlights, as many users don’t get this right.

Tips For An Ideal Setting-Up of LED Downlights       

  • Make sure, you place LED downlights spaced 4ft apart, if the ceiling height of your rooms are atleast 8ft. Also, make sure you don’t use too many downlights in on room as these may enable over-brightness.
  • When installing dimmable LED downlights, make sure you use not more than 3 downlights on one dimmer switch for even and smooth dimming.  
  • Make use of two-way switches so that when you enter or exit the room with two exits, lights can be easily turned On or Off for maximum savings in energy.  


With that kind of a short study guide for LED downlight, your choice must not be anything other than LED downlights, when making a decision to purchase indoor LED lights. And, just remember, these LED downlights, even if used for 24 hours, can last for atleast 50,000 hours.     

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