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LED Flood Lights are not suitable to enhance the garden’s beauty

Your garden is one place where you get the energy to rejuvenate your senses. It’s a place where you grow green vegetables and fruits for consumption or you sell them to the nearby fruit market.  

In the calm mornings, when the sun spreads its orange aura, and dew on grass shines like a crystal ball, having tea with the day’s newspaper is beyond experience. In the day time, natures original bulb in the sky illuminates everything, so you definitely don’t need light.

But when the light fades away, and birds fly back to their nest, you certainly need artificial lights. There are many people who install LED Flood Lights to enhance the beauty of the garden.But the big question is, are LED Flood Lights suitable to illuminate the garden or you should go with other lights? To this. I have just one answer, LED Flood Lights are not the replacement for Spot Lights. Why? LED Flood Lights have high brightness and their placement in the garden can be harmful to the eyes. No doubt LED Flood Lights will illuminate the garden, but they will disturb night cycle of petite insects and animals

If you have an obsession for LED Flood Lights, then you can install them in your badminton court or near the pool area.

led flood lights

Let us know a bit more about LED Flood Lights

These lights can be installed easily, one can install LED Flood Lights near gaming zone. Flood Lights facilitate lumen up to 33000 and this helps in catching every small detail.

Superior features of LED Flood Lights

Glare-free lighting.

A 300 WATT led light can easily replace 1000 watt Metal Halide light.

IP65 rating proves these light, strong and sturdy,

150X85 beam angle expands its beam reach.

UL and DLC certificates make them more dependable.


You might have excellent gardening knowledge, but it is not necessary you are equally wise about lights. In case you are looking for suitable lights for vigilance and security, there is nothing like LED Flood Lights, but if you need lights to enhance your garden’s beauty you can pick spot lights or talk to our lighting experts for better options.     

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