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LED Flush Mount Lighting Makes Showrooms and Homes more Vivid

Flush Mount Lights
Flush Mount Lights
Flush Mount Lights
Flush Mount Lights

These lights infuse life in homes

Beautiful homes are not all about location, serene greenery. There is a lot more which add value to them. No, I am not talking about masterpieces in the shelf or expensive gadgets that manifest owners interest in technology.

I am definitely not discussing artistic furniture, which no doubt, enriches the ambiance. Here I am talking about aesthetic LED Flush Mount Lights. Skin close to the ceilings, these exotic luminaries, define artist in you.

Available in classic, retro, modern and whimsical, Flush Mount Lights are like 3D painting on the ceiling. Unlike other lighting fixtures, you can pick exquisite lights as per your wall color. Surprisingly, where LED Flush Mount  Fixtures are much closer to the ceiling, its another category, Semi-flush mount fixture is suspended leaving a gap between the ceiling and fixture.


Things one should always consider while installing

If you have made up your mind for Flush Mount lights, then don’t forget to consider room size, the height of the ceiling and the design of the fixture. In case your home has a cathedral ceiling, then sorry dear you can’t pick these lighting fixtures. Besides hallways and stairways, if you are picking these lights for your drawing room, then we would recommend install them with controls for ultimate convenience and energy saving.

Flush Mount Lights

Flush Mount Lights VS Semi Flush Lights

Artistic Flush Mount Lights are perfect for a low ceiling, in case your living zone has the good ceiling height, you can pick Semi Flush Lights. When installed in modern kitchens, these lights make cooking a delightful experience.

Myriad Types of Flush Mount Lights

  • Single Ring
  • Double Ring
  • Mushroom
  • Disk Light

What makes LED Flush Lights special?

The least known fact about these lights is, its CCT is changeable, so one can easily switch between temperatures 3000K, 4000K and 5000K

If you promote a pure environment, then these lights are for you

Flush Mount Lights don’t carry poisonous chemicals like mercury cadmium, so when you purchase these lights you somewhere promote a healthy environment.

Flush Mount Lights are energy efficient?   

These lights are energy efficient. In case you need proof, you can check the energy star rating.


If you believe one should always embrace the change, then pick

eye candy Flush Mount Lights. Perfect replacement for a conventional incandescent bulb, these lights are equipped with many modern features. In case you don’t know how it is better than a normal bulb, just talk to our customer care executive to satiate your curiosity.              

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