LED High Bay Lights - A Quick Guide For Your Warehouse Lighting

High Bay led lights

Power costs could burn a hole in your pocket if you own an ample commercial space. Warehouse lighting consumes a large chunk of electricity bills. Old fixtures of halides and fluorescent are cheaper to install, expensive on bills, and maintenance. In general, the former lighting technologies consume somewhere between 400 watts and 1000 watts. 

The revolutionary lighting technology of LEDs has brought some great changes. LEDs save money, recover their costs in less than a year, and do not require any maintenance. 

A Brief Walkthrough Of The Old Lighting Technology

Metal halide high bay lights light up recreational areas and for warehouse uses. MH is also used in large area facilities as well. Metal halides are good with color rendering, and that’s pretty much the only advantage they have. 

These halides need to warm up to generate enough heat for lighting. They consume up to 30 minutes to warm. They are expensive to maintain, and as they age, the flickering grows. 

HPS lights are also used in warehouse lightings and at recreational facilities such as pooling areas, amusement parks, and all. HPS lamps are highly energy-efficient and have a long lifespan. All the benefits are shadowed by the fact that it offers the worst color rendering index of all. 

Fluorescent lighting, on the other hand, is inexpensive to install, easy to install, and that’s it. Fluorescent LED lights are hazardous. Many states have banned them in the US due to the presence of mercury in it. With too frequent switch on and offs, their lifetime drops significantly. 

There have been evolutions in the lighting industries in recent years but none as good as the LED. As studied, it is pretty clear that lighting technologies only got better with time, but with some compromises here and there. Some were more energy-efficient but lagged in CRI. Some were cheap, but their maintenance costs a hell lot of money. 

How Are LED Bay Lights Are A Great Replacement To The Old Tech?

LEDs are ahead of any of these technologies in every aspect. 

To summarize the advantages LED high bay lights have over the old lighting fixtures-

  • More energy efficiency leading to savings up to 75%- LEDs have negligible losses in the form of heat and flickering. Their working mechanism is super-efficient, which incurs zero loss.
  • A total increase in the lifespan by 400% to 500%- These lights are built to last longer. They are manufactured with highly robust materials and further given some high shielding of metals.
  • Negligible maintenance cost- LED bay lights or warehouse lights are manufactures in such a way that maintenance requirements are minimum. 
  • Improvement in the quality of light(CRI and CCT)- LEDs have a high CRI of 70+. It means that colors rendered by these LEDs are closest to the ones provided by broad daylight. 
  • Impact On Productivity- Incandescent and fluorescent lights make you less productive. Their bad CRIs and flickerings are harmful to productivity and health in general. Whether it is workspaces or a commercial area, LEDs add to productivity. 

High bay LED lights not only save money, they earn some extra money for you. They not only reduce electricity bills, but also they add to the productivity of the employees, giving out great results here as well. 

Some Facts Worth Considering- 

Weather Considerations-

LED bay lights are made to work great in all weather and suitable temperatures. While it runs in most of the practical temperature ranges, it operates flawlessly in dampness as well. IP rating is just a testament to this.

Take Care of Glare

LED bay lights also solve some optical issues faced with the oldies. With a lot of high-intensity lights, glare is inevitable. With LEd bay lights too, the glare comes as they are bright lights.  

Glares are not eye-pleasing at all; in fact, they cause some unnecessary strains on eyes. 

Which High Bay Light Is Fit For You?

There are different types of LED Warehouse lights, depending upon your needs and the size of the warehouse. 

UFO High Bay Lights: The name explains it all. The shape of this High Bay LEd light is round, like that of a UFO. They offer lighting in the circular shaped areas. These lights are suspended or hung from the ceiling via a chain or hook. Mounting of these artifacts is super easy. Their shape allows the chain to balance the weight, and the pressure on the hook is adjusted. 

We know that LED high bay lights are a great replacement to the old high bay lights. They outperform the old ones in terms of energy efficiency by a high margin as following-

  • 100W is a replacement to 400 watt conventional light
  • 150W is a replacement to 650 watt conventional light
  • 240W is a replacement to 1000 watt traditional light

Linear High Bay Lights: Linear high bay lights are rectangular in shape, and for this reason, they are called Linear High Bay Lights. They are suspended or hung using two chains, each on one end. Since it has two ends, it requires two terms to balance out. This gives it the appropriate structure and balance. 

 You might still be wondering about which light to choose for your warehouse. They both sound similar except in terms of shape. There is another noteworthy difference between the two.

The UFO High Bay LED light’s beam angle can be made more precise using polycarbonate reflectors if more uniform light is needed in a small area. The circular arrangement of diode and brightness range(number of lumens) make these lights an excellent choice for open spaces. 

Linear High Bay Lights have a more extended diode arrangement along the length for a wider beam angle. They perform the best when they are mounted higher and this too in really narrow spaces.

Linear high bay lights illuminate a perfect rectangular light beam. 

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