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LED Lights Help You To Have a Sound Sleep!

led lights for room
led lights for room
led lights for room
led lights for room

Do you know that LED Lightings can help you to have a sound sleep? In fact, the light sources at your home are affecting your sleep and health? LED Lightings can help you to be energized in your daily lifestyle.

Every one of us has read in our physics textbook that light emits different wavelengths. Different wavelengths and frequencies of light are released, which correspond to different colors on a continuum. The wavelength of red light is longer, and the frequency is smaller than that of blue light. As a result, red light tends to be dimmer and colder. Blue light, on the other hand, appears brighter and cooler because of its higher frequency.

The human body gets affected by the wavelengths!

Various wavelengths emitted by the light have different effects on the human body. There is a hormone secret in our body for sleep, and these wavelengths can affect its production. Brighter, cooler lights reduce the melatonin production secret by the pineal gland. In fact, cooler lights can also affect your sleep and wake cycle, also called circadian rhythm.

Our bodies always follow a clock to sleep or wake up. Before the invention of electricity, people wake up with the rising of the sun and go to bed with the setting of the sun. This was clearly a schedule followed by the body. But with the advancement in technology, people cannot follow a schedule and our body is getting confused. So it is said that you should not use cell phones or laptops before going to bed.

Always look for the color Temperatures!


The Kelvin (K) scale can be used to determine the color temperature of an LED light. Kelvin values are lower in dimmer, warmer lights. Color Temperature values are higher in whiter, brighter, and bluer lights. Select LED bulbs that are available in a kelvin range of 3,000 to 5,000, with the higher the value. Please always look for color temperature while buying the LED Bulbs.

Now Let’s continue with the red and blue color’s wavelengths. Blue light has a higher wavelength than red light. It is suitable for certain situations like daytime lighting. Can you imagine an office with a night shift? Such offices require lighting with high lumens for more productivity.

In contrast to this, red lights have a lower wavelength and seem dimmer and lighter. Don’t you feel relaxed in your bedroom if you have a red light in there?

relaxed in your bedroom

So if you are planning to change your home lighting, please check out the variety of recessed downlights, flat panels, and wall sconces and check the color temperatures available with them. This will help you to add a charm to your place and make it look gorgeous.

And choose the LED lights with lower kelvin to have a sound sleep that will help you to work productively throughout the day.

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