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LED Panel Lights, Even Ceilings Love This Lighting Fixture.

led panels
led panels
led panels
led panels

Did you know there is a fixture which is tailor-made for certain places and no other lighting fixture can replace it? Yes, we are talking about LED Panel Lights. These lights have some intrinsic qualities which separate them from other lights, what are these qualities, check here.

Panel lights are health friendly

Hospitals and medical institutions install panel lights so that its soothing rays leave a healthy effect on patients and visitors. Patients waiting for their turn in a lobby need a light that won’t create itching or tiredness, panel lights effortlessly play that role.  

These Panel lights manifest true color       

When you install a standard company’s panel lights, you get true colors. Each panel light has 80+ CRI, that means when you put red or yellow or any other colored object under this light, the colors won’t change like a chameleon.     

These lights have a wide beam angle

Normal LED lights have 40 to 60-degree beam angle, whereas panel lights have a 120-degree angle which helps in interspersing light in the wider area.

led panel lights

These lights are smart, sleek and suave in Design

These lights are thin like a pizza base. Not to mention, its thin aluminum housing with an integrated edge lit frosted lens makes it suitable for lobbies, gyms, and restaurants.   

These lights are environment-friendly

The world has become sensitive towards the environment, people adore energy and environment-friendly products. LED Panel lights do not carry harmful chemicals viz. Cadmium and Lead. When you put  panel lights on ceilings, you not only curtail energy bill but also promote a healthy environment.

You don’t have to spend too much on maintenance

LED lights are known as smart lighting fixture. Where light Aluminum housing makes them light in weight at the same time, it shields them against climatic factors like water, dust, and winds.

Panel lights also come with dimmable switch

Dimmers compatibility helps in saving power. Like if you do not need more light then you can reduce the intensity of light using a dimmer switch. When you install smart panel lights in a gymnasium or a restaurant, its dimmer friendliness helps in controlling the intensity of light.

Panel Lights are energy friendly

These lights are superior to conventional lights. Like, if you install a simple LED Tube, it will consume more energy, and if you go with Panel lights, you will easily save more than 75% energy    


If you are opening a dental clinic or a gymnasium and looking for suitable panel lights, but do not have adequate information about them, then you can talk to our customer care executives to chalk out this information.  

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