LED Panel Lights, Give An Aesthetic Touch To The Workstation.

led panel lights

Gone are the days when offices used to be boring and dull. During lunch hours, employees would sit in half curve only to enjoy warm air thrown by a dilapidated ceiling fan.  Not to mention, lunch hour was spent reading a newspaper or churning new gossips. Things have changed significantly. Nowadays offices have become smart. 

Thick glass walls, designer ceilings, and beautiful lights have redefined the place. Smart offices do not install old fluorescent tubes, which at times flicker like disco lights. 

Next-generation offices have everything opulent and mesmerizing. Whether it is marbled washrooms, or DELL Systems or exquisite Panel Lights on the ceiling. Yes, this fantastical lighting fixture has made offices more suave and tasteful. One can easily see state-of-the-art lights near reception, around the working zone, and cafeteria.       

Reception & LED Panel Lights

Reception is the first impression of the office. It is a place where queries and visitors are attended. When the company mounts LED Panel Lights on the ceiling, it effortlessly conveys its belief in new system and technology.

Cafeteria & Panel Lights 

The cafeteria is the place where employees not only come for the food, but a cup of coffee also charges the enervating body. The cafeteria owner installs canopy and panel lights to make coffee an unforgettable experience.

Things one should keep in mind while purchasing lights

Lumen per watt: Lumen means how much light you get from the device. While selecting LED Panel Lights, you must know Lumen per watt.

Color Temperature: The color of the light plays a pivotal role. While purchasing the panel, you must know about the color temperature. The color temperature tells how the light from the LED Panel appears. Like, it appears Cool White, or Warm White or Natural White.

Dimmable: While purchasing these lights, be assured if they are dimmable as this trait helps in conserving energy. 

Certification: ETL, UL and DLC certificates talk about authenticity. Before buying the LED Panel Lights, check important certificates. 

Size: LED Panel Lights come in various sizes, i.e. 1x4, 2x2 and 2x4, you can pick panels as per your need. 


Interior and light fixtures matter, thankfully money-spinner entrepreneurs have realized this, and that is why they are buying more and more LED Panel Lights. 

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