LED Panels - The Most Trending Product Among Commercial Offices

led panels

Sometimes it's very crucial for commercial offices focus on cost-cutting without affecting productivity and operational efficiency. In order to achieve that, it's very important to focus on changing lights to LEDs.

At LEDMyplace, we have a wide range of energy efficient indoor lighting fixtures which save you a lot of money on lighting bills. LED Panel Lights come in the category of most selling fixtures.

In this article, we will be discussing the on the efficiency of LED Panel lights and how it helps in saving energy, reduce the cost of utility bills and increase efficiency and aura of the space.

Before we highlight the topics, let us tell you that this lighting fixture directly replaces the high wattage fluorescent tube.

LED Panel and its efficiency factors

These panel lights have some additional feature which makes it far better than sodium vapor tubes. The fixture operates on low energy and offers the high lumen light to space. Let’s see what elements make this fixture energy efficient:

LED Panels come with strong attire

led panels

The fixture has premium led cob chips from Epistar for the highest operational output. The luminaire produces less heat which means the fixture doesn’t require ventilation as the traditional lighting fixture needs.

A traditional fluorescent tube consumes more energy and offers dull lighting output whereas a LED lighting fixture operates on low energy and illuminate the space with dazzling light.

The capacity to dim the led panels allows you to dim the light from 10V to 0V. It also increases the graph energy saving process.CRI: The CRI (Color Rendering Index) indicates the quality of light, higher the CRI tends to increase the visibility of objects and shows the true color of it.

If we talk about the fixture’s housing, it has been made of die-cast aluminum which increases the durability of the fixture and keeps it cool.

The panel lights have an ultra wide beam angle of 120-degree. It illuminates the wider area as compares to traditional fluorescent tubes.

Important Points to know about LED Panel Lights

There are some specific facts about panel led light mentioned below:

  • The fixtures reduce energy consumption by 75% that leads you to save money on lighting bills.
  • Lighting output is far better than the fluorescent counterparts.
  • After installation the lighting fixture, you will get zero dark spots to your surface area.
  • It has a long operational life of 50,000 hours with low maintenance cost.
  • Lumen output does not contain any harmful radiation such as mercury, IR, and UV rays.
According to the LED experts, LED panel lights are the latest and most fascinating lighting technology available in the market. These lights are an ideal fixture for the commercial space. The fixture allows them to save 80% cost on energy bills (If they use it wisely). Before buying any panel lights fixture always look for the certification so that you can get a fixture for your requirement.


Commercial LED Panels are trending, it’s one of our best selling category at LEDMyplace. We have a very clear objective to help businesses save efficiently on lighting and streamline their cost-cutting strategy without affecting productivity and operational efficiency.

It is very important to understand the lighting area and what you need for the best lighting solution. A mindset to buy LED lights is way more different than buying fluorescent lighting fixtures.

Have you moved your lighting from HID to LEDs already or looking forward to change? Let us know in the comments.

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